Every situation in life is made better with friends, literally everything is improved and doable with the support of your mates. I know for us personally getting through a lot of what we got through with our health blips (massive understatement, but it’s in the past and we have moved on) was because of our friendship group supporting us and at times carrying us. 

Which leads me to a weekend of friendship and food, country walks and even more food...and more walks. 

We invited some friends for brunch, I have no idea why I bother call it that as we’re still eating come evening time...it’s a very long brunch.  

I chose an outfit based on the need to eat and poo...at the same time, I’m a very skilled multitasker.  


Top from Whistles, Leggings from Next, Shoes from Russell and Bromley. 

Eating sets off Peristalsis, which to put it bluntly means if I’m chewing I’m pooing. Therefore if I am going out to eat or at any event where food is involved I need to bear that in mind when choosing an outfit. 

The coated stretchy leggings from Next are great as they allow for expansion. 


Having friends over to your own home is lovely and is also one of the best ways of getting back into socialising after surgery. Being told you have to have a stoma can be very traumatic (I know it was for me at the time) but the fear of impending isolation because of the intense fear of how life will look after the op is very difficult, but there’s no need to isolate yourself. It can be a nerve wracking time when you first get a stoma, will it leak? Will it make noise? What foods can I eat now?

All those problems are solved by having your mates over, because if any of those issues arise you can easily and comfortably sort it all out, safely in the knowledge that you are amongst people that love you and want only the best for you. 


We ate brunch, hot and cold food options were available - we don’t just throw this stuff together you know....and yet I just ploughed my way through pretty much a whole loaf of sourdough and very salty butter...(more on that to come). 

We then all went for a lovely country walk and some skipping then back for a huge cheese board feast. 


I consider myself, if not academic, then at the very least averagely bright, but at times gluttony surpasses common sense.  

I gorged my way through the bread, cheeses and biscuits like The Very Hungry Caterpillar (but sadly without any need to build myself up for turning into a butterfly).  

Instead by the late afternoon I was enduring a combination of panting on all fours like I was in a fairly progressed labour, and rolling around wailing and whimpering. As with anything in life you only know you’ve over done it once it’s too late. Although Chris said that consuming three quarters of a loaf of sourdough would probably, probably be too much for anyone let alone someone with a hernia and a stoma in tow. Hahahahaha 

I mean I styled it out of course, like the classy lady I am....I don’t think anyone noticed hahahahaha...(they did, they just had to talk louder over my moans hahahahaha). 

There’s not really anything you can do in this particular situation, just drink plenty of water and hope for the best and promise never to do it again Hahahahaha.  

It was a fabulous day, with all the right elements (gorging aside), so much laughter, which really turns out to be the best medicine as I lived to see another day hahahahaha. 

Then Sunday Chris and I headed over to Buckinghamshire to meet up with Chris’s newly found long lost cousin, Nikki, and as it turned out her brother and his partner too. So two new old cousins for the price of one! 

It was so lovely to see Chris catching up and reminiscing again, it’s so lovely to have some family in Chris’s life. For the last 8 years it’s just been him all alone.  It was truly beautiful to see him with some blood relli’s. And bloody good fun too, new old cousin Tim is hilarious and there was much to talk about after a nigh on 20 year absence.   


Top From Dorothy Perkins, Coated Leggings from Next, Shoes and Bag from Chanel. 


For obvious reasons I needed some stretch for the day ahead. Mainly caused by a slight residual, self induced gut ache from the day before.  

We had a fantastic meal out and another walk (this is becoming a habit hahahahaha)  and a generally lovely time. 

Not sure when the next family reunion will be or how many more new old family members will be attending. We shall have to wait and see. :)  

Monday morning I decided to take my little furry girl out for a walk, (I’m getting right into this walking malarkey) it was glorious weather and we thought we might as well make the most of it. We headed over to Hatfield Forest, we had a great day...we did however get lost for a little while but she managed to not attack or upset anyone. Every cloud and all that. :) 


Just two carefree girls...well, two carefree old ladies but who’s counting. Hahahahaha 


Top from Ralph Lauren (which by the way is coming soon to Freeport, Braintree), Jean’s - Joni’s from Topshop, Boots from Dubarry and Bum Bag (Fanny pack) from Gucci. 



 *Peristalsis, involuntary movements of the longitudinal and circular muscles, primarily in the digestive tract but occasionally in other hollow tubes of the body, that occur in progressive wavelike contractions. Peristalticwaves occur in the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.


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