Weekend washout...

My weekends are often a hive of activity, this one? Not so much. 

We did head over to Brands Hatch race track on Saturday for its historic racing series, which was a really thoughtful Fathers day’s present from both the boys. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a wash out, although the weather was glorious when they booked it way back in June, it sadly isn’t anymore. 

Thankfully the day started off ok, so we were able to watch some of the racing perfectly dry. It’s the thought that counts though. Chris was really touched. And what made it an extra special day is Chris was reunited with a racing car he used to pit crew for nigh on 30 years ago, back when a friend of his owned it. 

Very worryingly it’s up for sale, oh dear lord... :0 

The fear is real people!! I’ll have to disconnect the internet or something hahahahaha.  

As I knew our car would be parked pretty close by I left most of my spares in the car and just took the bare essentials stoma wise, which fit very neatly into my bum bag (fanny pack?), very much so since I’ve switched to stoma bag removing wipes rather than the cans of spray. It’s brought the size of bag required down greatly. I really recommend the removal wipes for this very reason. You have to be very gentle when using them as I rushed it a few weeks back on a trial session and made my under adhesive skin very sore, but with a bit of care they are really good. And compact. :) 


Coat from Belstaff, Top from French Connection, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Dubarry  


And then the rains came... 

Watching from the car wasn’t so bad though, honest...ignore Ben’s face hahahahaha...


Then Sunday we were meant to be off for a fancy meal in London, I got my outfit all sorted, a new little number I bought recently in TK Maxx, sadly though one of our friends we were meeting had over done it the night before and wasn't feeling too chipper and postponed our dinner date. 

Although disappointing, it was pouring down with rain again which makes everything a bit of an effort and it did mean Chris could sit about and recover from his cold, and I could slough about in my velour track suit. Heavennnnnnnnnn... hahahahaha, Which has almost medicinal qualities, what! I’m serious, wearing loose fitting clothes a couple of days a week really helps manage any negative impact wearing skinny jeans has on output.  

Kim popped in with the girls and with nothing much to eat in the house we had an impromptu lunch of cheeses and scones with cream and jam. It was a pretty darn fine day in the end.  

A friend gifted us a 2kg Black Bomber cheddar cheese a couple of weeks ago, we’re still ploughing our way through it now. Is there a finer cheddar out there? I think not. Hahahahaha 


And it’s so nice that Kim and I’s children are of a similar age and they play so lovely together. Hahahahaha  

Monday came and I was desperate to get out, as it felt like I’d spent most of the weekend trapped in by rain.  

I decided to go over to Bishop Stortford to a lingerie shop that a dress maker that I use recommended. And I’ll tell this for nothing, I feel like a new woman! Never underestimate the power of a well fitting bra and knickers. Hahahahaha 

There’s statistic that says that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Honestly, women of the world why do we suffer like this!?! Let’s dedicate October to self care and get this stuff done, get yourself over to Carole’s  Hahahahaha 

No joke I was walking 10 feet high in my new bra and niks. 

I haven’t had a matching bra and pants set since before my kids were born. I have very difficult boobs (that usually require a very pragmatic, pedestrian bra) that in my old age lack a little lustre, and peskily don’t fit in most bras as they ooze out Hahahahaha, It was so worth a drive over to Bishop Stortford...as they are now held in and held up with almost military precision, I’m on cloud nine! 

A bit of self care goes a long way. If you feel good you look good and if you look good you feel good.  

It possibly sounds shallow and wrong but after having my stoma I have tended to build myself up from the outside in, “don’t tell the Dalai lama for gods sake” (a borrowed funny sentiment from a great lady that recently passed) he’ll have a fit, all his teachings gone to waste. Hahahahaha but in the case of being happy when you look in the mirror it’s important to like, love even, what you see however you can achieve that. 

Yeah yeah the insides important too but as some of my insides are now on the outside I give myself a break.  

I’m very lucky, I’m centered and happy and more importantly happy in my skin. But even I can do with a helping hand sometimes.  







Rachel Bland 1978-1918  

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