Hello there, welcome to my site, my name is Suzanne, I'm a wife and mother of two.


I wanted to set up this site not only provide links to shops and online stores where I have had clothing success but also share hints, tips and life hacks for wearing what you want when you want with out any messy mishaps. This isn't a fashion blog by any means, I'm no guru, this is just plain and simple sharing of my experience with a hope that others will share theirs too, an anthology of dressing for ostomites.

This site is merely for sharing info, for philanthropic purposes, none of the products are sponsored by the manufacturer's. I receive no kick backs or payments in any form for recommending any products included on here. I founded it purely because I wanted to share the things I have learned over the years.

Others will more than likely have tips for me to use, which is what I'm hoping for really. A sort of forum, not for discussion about having a stoma and all the "joys" that brings (there's plenty of places for that out there and its not really my thing) but for looking good, feeling great and making the most of our bodies that for the most part serve us well.

You may well notice a lack of clothing aimed at men or helpful hints for people with ileostomy's I can only go with what I know - being a woman and having a colostomy, all input is welcome, so in future there may well be a section on many aspects of bag life.

If you have any tips and hacks to offer, please feel free to email me. Happy to add more info to the page with your name attached.