That smarts!

A mixed bag of a blog today, tips, trips and slips...

Right, first things first, I had a very unfortunate incident at the end of last week. One that has never happened before, and my hope is it’ll never happen again either.  

Needless to say it’s been an eye opening and eye watering realisation that I am way too heavy handed. Hahahahaha

Let me set the scene, in the morning I got showered, bag changed and dressed as usual. But unbeknown to me at some point during the day the waistband on my knickers (underwear) had become fused to both my bag’s adhesive pad and my skin. It also happened to be a day where I forgot to drink enough (I do this an awful lot, I admire those people that remember to drink plenty). Anyway, with out a need for the loo my bag adhesive, skin and knickers became firm friends! A fact I only found out when I, at some considerable speed whipped my knicks off to get changed for bed that night...ripping part off my skin with it! 

Ooooh, that smarts!!  :o

This is the first time in my 8 years of bag life that anything like that has happened as far as I can remember. I now have a little scab, a reminder if one were I to need it that I need to calm down, chill out and take a little more time and care. Hahahahaha, so my advice is drink plenty, and gently slip your clothes off. Hahahahaha 

That aside I’ve been merrily having fun and loving life as I do. I do feel very blessed that I’m very happy and content, that said a few weeks ago I did get a bit ratty that I felt a tad redundant, but I booked myself in to a a few classes and got off my bum and found things to do. I have up coming cookery and make up classes to attend, which is very exciting, if not a little daunting.

I have also been trying my best to keep up with some exercise, for a few reasons, 1, I don’t sleep well and I have hope that exercise will help with that, 2, I’m trying to keep my heart healthy and 3, I eat way too much so I have to try burn off at least some of it. 


I find cycling the only exercise that suits, there’s always something wrong with other sporting options, running makes me wet myself (a left over from radiotherapy damage to my bladder), swimming sets off my ear problems, the gym just makes me break out into a sweat...the cold sweat of fear rather than raised heart rate related. :) 

It took some considerable time to be able to get back on my bike after my AP resection though, so any newbies out there, don’t try running before you can walk or in this case - cycling before you are healed. :)

Friday night was a whirlwind of fun with Kim, Matt and all their children coming over for a take away and play. Who doesn’t love toddler twins, ball pits, take away curry and watching baby TV till bed time. Hahahahaha

Dress from Primark, Twins from Kim.

Dress from Primark, Twins from Kim.

My baby boy certainly enjoyed it too, age is no limitation to ball pit fun. Hahahahaha   Saturday one of my darling cousins invited us for lunch, which was exceptionally nice of her seeing as she’s due to get birth in the next couple of weeks, we had such a nice time with her and her family, as we always do.

My baby boy certainly enjoyed it too, age is no limitation to ball pit fun. Hahahahaha 

Saturday one of my darling cousins invited us for lunch, which was exceptionally nice of her seeing as she’s due to get birth in the next couple of weeks, we had such a nice time with her and her family, as we always do.

Dressed in my weekend casuals we set off for deepest darkest Kent.  


Top from No.27 in Colchester, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tods.  


Heading out with matching nails and shoes, now that is coordination at its finest hahahahaha 


Then Sunday Chris and I were popping over to my work, I work for a furniture and lifestyle brand, Neptune in Colchester (I’d seen all the new season stuff but Chris hadn’t) and then we were intending to head out for lunch...we didn’t get that far though as Chris loved the new season colour so much so that we bought a tin of paint and came home and painted a feature wall with it. Hahahahaha, I like a spontaneous, fluid day. 


Top from Hobbs, Jeans - Joni’s from Topshop, Boots from Penelope Chilvers. 


I like things to be practical but more so I have a passion for the aesthetically pleasing, be that clothing, decor or come to that - food. I like things to be dressed well, myself included. 


I’m loving the walls in the new Walnut, I was very dubious about such a dark brown but I absolutely love it! And it very nicely tones down the size of the TV, I hate big tellys but I’m getting to an age where I need it, the bigger the better, it’s saving me a fortune on glasses. Hahahahaha  

I’ve been on the look out for new season clothing too, I love the summer to autumn change over, the colours and textures are so cosy and it’s worth buying now before they sell out. 

I’ve invested in some more of my winter favourites; I have bought another black pair of the coated leggings and a pair in this gorgeous rich berry colour too. 


I buy these leather look leggings every year. They fit well ~ allowing free flow of poo, they feel good. And more importantly they look great ...even on me, a 45 year old Gran to be. Hahahahaha 

Depending on what you team them with age is irrelevant. Ok, I’m not likely to wear a bra top and thigh boots with them, but never say never. Hahahahaha. 


I also bought these check leggings, which I thought would make a nice change from jeans. 

I’ve not worn them yet to test them for possible leakage-ness but I will do soon. There’s always a risk with trying a new style or design is going to cause *pancaking. But I have high hopes as ever. :) 





* pancaking is a term used to describe the back log and build up of waste that has been unable to flow freely in to the bag. It then lifts the adhesive pad from the skin and leaks poo to the outside world.  

It has happened to me many times before, most notably whilst I was in Harvey Nicks in London. Not fun but what you gonna do? Curl into a ball and cry? Or get it changed ASAP and get back on with the job at hand...SHOPPING! Hahahahaha 


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