At 36 I was diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer, having been misdiagnosed with IBS for many years. At the time my priorities revolved around treatment and survival. I had Chemotherapy , Radiotherapy and an AP resection (permanent colostomy). I got lucky and here I am 9 years on.

 Finding clothes to wear with my colostomy has at times been a challenge, and not always successful admittedly, but I'd say I've had more wins than losses, so I'm happy with that. My blog isn't going to appeal to those who prioritise comfort, there's plenty of sites for comfy colostomy clothes, and their offerings scare the cr*p out of me (if you'll pardon the pun). I'm not ready to swap to comfort yet, nor do I imagine many younger or young at heart ostomites are.

On trend, stylish or sexy clothes to wear with a colostomy - not colostomy wear, there is a difference.

What makes you different makes you beautiful