In the summertime...

If you live in the U.K. you’ll already know we’re having what the media is classing as a heatwave, or as I like to call it - summer. A real and proper summer. A summer you dream of when trudging through the wind and rain of winter...and often continued into spring and summer too! Hahahahaha  

It’s absolutely glorious. It’s not so hot that my bag won’t stick but hot enough for shorts, vest tops and strappy dresses. It’s absolutely perfect.  

Friday, Kim and I and our friend Jade and my son’s friend Leonie (my fake daughter, I don’t have one so I hire in Leonie to fill in the gap) took ourselves off to Colchester zoo, with the twins and Jade’s son, Jasper. 

It was such a lovely day. I’m not sure if the 3 one year olds appreciated it as much as we did but they did love the soft play area, who wouldn’t, I could do with living in a soft play area full time, would save a lot of bruises. 


These 3 were born in the same hospital, 3 days apart and haven’t met up till now. Not sure if Jasp was too keen on these crackers girls. Hahahahaha Bel is a whirling dervish in a soft play. 


Top from Warehouse , Shorts from Next. 

I can’t recommend these shorts enough, they are soft and stretchy. Perfect for my stoma. Loose and comfy without being baggy and shapeless.  


Girls trip...and Jasper, although outnumbered he was an absolute star, so cute doing his animal impressions. 


My borrowed daughter and Bel. And Jasp. 


My babies are all grown up but I’m lucky enough to have friends with babies. They really do fill that very broody gaping void in me. Hahahahaha. Left to me to decide, we’d have had hundreds of kids! 

Then Saturday afternoon we had the great honour and privilege of attending my friend from schools  end of chemo party. Donna was diagnosed with bowel cancer late last year. She luckily avoided a Stoma and had cut and shut surgery. (I say luckily not because having one is the end of the world, it really isn’t I have a bloody good life, I think you know that I love life and live it to the full by now, it’s not like it’s holding me back in anyway but if at all possible it’s nice to keep oneself in one piece but the ONLY thing that really matters is staying alive. Bag or no bag).

Donna completed her 6 months of mop up chemo a couple of weeks ago. She’s been amazing, and I’m so glad it’s all over now and she can get on and enjoy her life again. Cancer is a right pain in the arse (well mine was if you’ll pardon the pun hahahahaha), it’s time consuming, unpleasant, unpredictable and just an utter nuisance.

So huge congratulations Donna for finishing, and thank you so much for inviting us to your party!


Donna you are a star! xxxxxxx


I don’t get to wear these shoes very often but when I do I love it. It freaks my friends out. They are so platformed that I’m the height of a real girl!! Oh if only I had been 3 inches taller. I’d wish for extra height before wishing my stoma gone you know. Hahahahaha 


Top From Whistles, Trousers From Michael Kors, Shoes and Bag From Mulberry. 

The golden rule of trousering with a colostomy is stretchy fabric. I can’t even begin to contemplate any other sort of material. There’s no point in setting yourself up to fail. 

With the changes I’ve made to my diet, adding in extra beans and pulses my output has drastically increased. I’m beginning to think I have an addiction to chick peas as I actually crave them, I barely recognise myself with all this healthy eating and daily exercise. Hahahahaha...on a very very upside to that my colicky stomach aches are virtually non existent.  

Straight from the party we dashed up to London to visit friends and to go for dinner. 


We love London. It’s magnetic and draws you in. 


Tanya booked an amazing restaurant in Chelsea called Eight over Eight, the food was incredible, I did say to myself I wouldn’t over indulge but I never listen!! 

We all ate plenty, no point in going home hungry I guess. 

The only fly in the ointment was I forget to take my colostomy supplies with me. I had them in Chris’s car but we went to the restaurant in Tanya’s car and for reasons that I can’t explain (because it’s as incredulous to me as anyone else, I didn’t take them with us. It makes for a nerve wracking night. Not anxiety attack level but certainly a little anxious and unsettled). I do try and avoid creating unnecessary stress for myself. I have enough little colostomy kits scattered round that grabbing one should be easier enough to remember. (Palm to face time). 

It was fine though, no leaks occurred, but forward planning is vital for ostomites. It’s one of the very few down sides. I find my stoma life perfectly lovely but I just have a terrible memory. Which at this point it’s hard to tell if it’s chemo brain or old age...I imagine they are merging into one these days. ;)  


After a gorgeous dinner we went for a walk down the Kings Road. Heaven, absolute heaven

Then Sunday, to make the most of the on going good weather we went for a picnic. Out of interest, people from sunnier climes than ours you must surely be on picnics continuously? What joy, sunshine just makes everything better and the chance to socialise easier. 

Picnics just make you feel wonderful. Food tastes better from a basket, outside on a blanket...even I think that and I’m normally savaged by blood thirsty bugs and wasps. 


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Shorts from Next, Shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. 

These shorts are the same as the salmon ones. So stretchy they make the perfect picnic eating attire. 

I am what I would class as a nigh on professional picnicker, with multiple sets for all occasions. :) 


The girls loved it as much as we did!


For reasons known only to Kim she decided it would be a great idea if I lift her up on my shoulders. I did try and tell her it wasn’t going to happen, a back problem and a hernia are not conducive with picking up ones friends. Hahahahaha needless to say it didn’t work. 

Luckily I have a very good physiotherapist! Hahahahaha  

Only another ostomite can truly appreciate the pure joy of a box of stoma supplies goodies arriving. I had asked my stoma company a few weeks back if I could trial some smaller bags for sun bathing and swimming. I thought they had forgotten till a parcel arrived yesterday. Oooooooh, bags of all shapes and tiny sizes! 

I will be taking them on holiday with me next month! Very exciting. Perhaps I’ll Wear one to the beach and hope it’s so discreet people don’t decide to video me without permission this time. ;)