As the weather continues to bless us all with crispy skin and panda eyes from having to wear sunglasses constantly, we have been having a blast.  

I for one am loving the weather, yes it’s hot and humid but as long as my bag sticks I’m all good. When it gets to the point that my bag is slipping in the heat then I’ll worry but till then, bring it on!  

Chris and I went off on Thursday night to Henley, in preparation for the Regatta the following day. 

Henley Regatta is a famous rowing festival on the river Thames. It’s frightfully posh and really very pleasant. People sipping (chugging) Pimms and champers by a river bank in the sun watching rowers skim past at speed, what’s not to love about that?

It’s crazy busy with traffic come Friday morning so we tend to stay in the area the night before. We booked into a stunning hotel not far from where we’d be watching the day’s rowing at Fawley meadows.  

Fridays weather didn’t disappoint, with that in mind I had to choose a dress suitable on many levels. It needed to cover my stoma bag well, but also - and I think this was the most important aspect it had to disguise sweat. I know, I’m a lady and we don’t sweat or even perspire...we are merely meant to glow. Well this lady sweats to high heaven on hot humid days...find me one that doesn’t. :)  

I had planned to wear this dress, but due to the high temperature and humidity there wasn’t a hope in hell that sweat wouldn’t show through. Sitting for long periods in a hot marquee is not conducive for maintaining ones feminine mystiquery. 


So I needed to find a replacement dress. This is going to sound very unlike me but I just didn’t want to waste money on a new one. I have a lot of beautiful dresses. It’s not like they get much wear. 

I found the most perfect dress amongst my clutter. It’s flattering design gives a lovely silhouette and it looks dead classy - just like me! ;) hahahahaha...and more importantly it has a chiffon top layer that completely disguises any sweat marks. 

If I sound paranoid about sweat showing, let me assure you there were plenty of women and men there that hadn’t given it a thought. Sweat marks on bums, backs and bellies aren't as attractive as they sounds. :( Hahahahaha.

 I’d have felt so self conscious if that had happened to me, which would have put me on edge and ruined my day a bit. Sweat disaster planning is always advisable.  


Dress from Wallis, Shoes and bag Chanel. 


The hotel was amazing and the most perfect back drop for blog photos...they even had props to pose by hahahahaha. 


At the Regatta 


 ...and my wonderful hubby looked rather gorgeous if I do say so myself. 

The day couldn’t have gone better, well the porta  loos could have done with air con but other than that it was an incredible day. 


We decided as we were staying at the hotel on the Thursday night we’d stay the Friday night too and make a weekend away of it.  

Saturday was equally as gorgeous as every other day for the last few weeks. 


Dress from Esprit, some 24 years ago. I thought it was only 22 years old but I had miscalculated. 24 years on its still as comfortable and bright white and wearable. Bearing in mind I bought it some 16 years prior to my colostomy op it’s still standing the test of time and change of circumstance. ;) 


Dress Esprit, Shoes Hermes.

The hotel was an utter delight, the views from it and of it were spectacular. The hotel I would highly recommend, just find somewhere else to eat is all I’d say. 


The Thames, how stunning are these views of the English countryside. 


After breakfast and a very chilled morning we headed out for the day. I wasn’t sure where we were off to but Chris surprised me with a trip to Bicester Village. An outlet centre in Oxfordshire. 

Its one of my favourite happy places, it’s never failed to deliver me some treasure or other, and this trip was amazing!


I mean, have you ever seen such a pretty bus stop in all your life? 

I made a foolish rookie error with my outfit for the day though. Usually I would wear a slip (petticoat) under it to smooth and disguise my bag, but when I go on holiday, be it over seas or a stay-cation like this I always forget something. And the something on this occasion was my slip.  

Now I wore a slip with this dress 24 years ago too and it wasn’t even disguising a colostomy bag back then. But I have a pet hate of seeing ladies (or gents come to that) underwear through clothing.  

I absolutely can’t abide seeing thongs, midi’s, mini’s or massive Bridget Jones pants (underwear for my US readers) through dresses. 

Call me old fashioned if you must but it’s called underwear for a reason, and a slip to double the layers of fabric in between the pants and the outside world is an absolute must. Add to that my colostomy bag now and a slip is a vital piece of equipment for me. 

I did have to go without, it’s not like it’s something to get that stressed about. Is it ideal? No, not really. Is it the end of the world if someone sees my bag? Not particularly and I’m sure no one would have noticed my bag anyway and if they did ‘so what’ but I do prefer not to go out with it on show. In no way am I ashamed of my bag, quite the opposite in some ways, I think they’re amazing feats of medical engineering and quite handy if you get a tummy bug. I proudly and merrily wear a bikini on the beach or round the pool but when I’m fully dressed in my day clothes I don’t want it to be a feature. But I’m hardly going to sit in the corner crying, missing out on a great day because of a forgotten undergarment.

It was fine, I managed, no one ran screaming for the hills upon seeing me and I got down to some serious shopping... 


...and I mean serious, look at that face, steely with concentration. Shopping is serious work hahahahahah  

Although my face looks like a wet weekend in Jaywick I did actually love the dress and I did purchase it.  

Chris Spoilt me as usual. This man! We’ve been together 25 years next month and I still get butterflies in my belly. He’s perfect in every way but the snoring. Hahahahaha 


 New shoes!...and before you ask, yes, I do have another pair just like these at home. Hahahahaha 

How cute do these look together though, I may well wear them like this if I feel bold enough.

We had a wonderful lunch at a newly opened restaurant there. Cafe Wolseley, Very enjoyable, would recommend if you’re in the area, and the staff are very obliging. Hahahahaha 

Food AND shopping, I live for days like this...literally, thoughts of future trips got me through some very tough times...yeah, yeah, I’m terribly shallow, I know. I thought of art galleries too if that helps. :) hahahahahah