126 miles to lunch time...

A few weeks ago I was chatting to one of Ben’s friends, Leonie. She wasn’t having the best time at uni so I said we’d go up for the day, pay her a visit, and take her to lunch. Ben has quite a few friends at the same uni so he’d be able to see them too.  

Leonie is an absolute star. She hasn’t enjoyed being away from home and the course is challenging but she has stuck it out and only has just over a year to go. I’m not sure I’d had have had the strength to stick with it as she has so I’m full of admiration for her.  

Anyway it’s a good old trek up there so we left early Saturday morning. The sun was shining in the south, sadly we were headed north where it was a tad less sunny. 

An hour and a half into our journey Len text to say she’d only just woken up...now some aspects of uni life Len has settled into wonderfully. Hahahahahah... 

We arrived to what I thought was a very hungover Leonie only to discover that she was a actually a still drunk Leonie...ah, the joys of being a 19 year old student. 

It’s not like I can condemn anyone for that, up until 24th September 2016 I got myself into a fair few pickles (or pickled I should say) too! 

We were taking her and Ben’s friend Jarryd for lunch and then on to Costco...believe it or not they love the place. Len walks round in wonderment at the giant packs of toilet rolls, giant tins of baked beans and paint can sized tins of mayo, and Jarryd is just addicted to their carrot cake. 

Baring in mind how rough she must have been feeling she was great company, probably even chattier than normal :)   

Jarryd is always good company, in fact all Ben’s closest friends are absolutely smashing people.  

Lunch eaten we moved onto Costco, where those 3 went off to try all the wares on offer and I tried to find a suitable new washing machine with Chris, although he got a bit side tracked too, that's the problem with Costco, being side tracked is a regular occurrence hahahahaha...it’s a blessing and a curse...the stuff we come home with is rarely the stuff we went for...


Top from Micheal Kors, Jeans from Topshop and Boots from Phase Eight.


I needed to be comfortable enough for the drive and lunch. I’ve lost 11lb since the end of November so all my clothes have become more comfortable. That said I still undid my button and flies for the drive and again at lunch.  Why bother being more uncomfortable than necessary. Even Leonie undoes her top button for eating and she’s tiny and bagless. 


Can I just say on her night out the night before Len looked absolutely stunning, she possibly wasn’t feeling so cracking by the time we arrived Saturday lunch time though. But she battled on with the day like an absolute warrior Hahahahahah.


Then Sunday we did a special pre birthday lunch for my mum, she’s 70 next month but they are going on holiday for it so the only time I could do something for her was the weekend just gone.  


I’m not sure why Ben felt the need to bring along a celebrity guest but my mum appreciated it none the less hahahahahah... 

Wishing my mum the happiest of happy birthdays for next month... 

Wishing my mum the happiest of happy birthdays for next month... 

I decided to dress super comfy but at the same time I hope - classy. I’ve had these trousers for years...years and years, They're a really odd one, or I am rather, I don’t remember to wear them very often and by the time I do I’m either too fat for them or too thin for them (the latter occurring a lot less often than the former). 

So I was delighted when I thought to try them for Sunday and they were just right! Eat your heart out Goldilocks!! 


Wide leg trousers don’t usually suit me too well, I’ve got a lot more issues going on than just a colostomy bag to take into account. I’ve got massive thighs and a huge butt and gut, all naturally mine, no implants needed here...just a lifetime of cake, bread and other assorted carbs!

I love these trousers though, they feel so good on. And if they don’t suit me, well, so what, nothing ventured nothing gained, it’s worth a try. There are no rules and no boundaries apart from the ones we put on ourselves. 


Top from Ralph Lauren, Trousers from Hobbs. 


We had a lovely day, very chilled and plenty of laughter. What more could you want to mark a very special birthday.