Home Alone...

Sadly my entire photography team (AKA Chris, Sam and Ben) went away to Bulgaria for a week on a lads ski trip, I tried to get Mario Testino round but doing some old lady’s blog photos aren’t really his thing hahahahahah. 

Without anyone to take the photos it’s pretty hard to do. I gave it a bloody good try though. But how anyone takes a decent selfie I will never know. I now have a new found respect for Kim K and her ilk and I never thought I’d be able to say that. ;) 


Smile and click is all you have to do but it’s harder than it looks, I can however do a wonderful snarl and click, which is great for blogging, very warm and inviting for the reader. ;) 

I picked the best of a bad bunch. And as a basic beginners guide to selfies...clean the mirror first! I’d sack my cleaner if it wasn’t for the fact she’s me!!

This outfit isn’t in keeping with my usual style, but I decided to give it a go for a few reasons, first off - why not try something new!  number 2, I was off on a long car journey and I needed my bag to be as leak free as possible. And these trousers are a delight, and while I’m the correct size to wear them I thought I might as well.  

3, if you’re out for a day shopping then something easy to get on and off is ideal.  

And 4, like I said, I’m in the right weight bracket to wear them, it happens so infrequently I thought I’d better make the most of it.


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger Trousers from Hobbs, Shoes from Micheal Kors. 


This week’s blog is definitely going to be leg heavy. Much easier. 

I managed to fill my days while they were away with fun things to do and I loved spending time with my friends but I hated Chris and the boys being away, we’ve never been a couple that holidays separately and I’m not going to lie I’m absolutely pathetic at being home alone. I kid you not I actually set up Home Alone style traps for the eventuality of intruders!! No joke, I booby trapped the stairs and then fretted that I’d forget and fall over them myself! Hahahahaha...

This is not a strong, independent woman standing before you, I’m ashamed to say that this is a rather feeble, very much dependent woman. Tragic I know, although in my defence if I were to live by myself it wouldn’t be in a house like this, it’d be a flat...and not a ground floor one at that. 

I spent a wonderful day at a spa with my best friend Michelle, it wasn’t the best spa I’ve ever been to but it was a great day out for a natter and laughs, a facial, a massage and an afternoon tea too! What’s not to love about that.  

I didn’t use the pool facilities, my bag has been quite full lately due to choosing a more vegetable based diet and I didn’t feel confident enough to risk a swim. I’m sure it would have been fine but I was already a bit chilly, I didn’t fancy being cold and wet, then faced with a leaky bag. 

I did get some great photos of the spa day though... 



I also spent an amazing day shopping at Bicester Village with my wonderful friend Kim, if you’ve got to drive a 4 hour round trip to bag some bargains I thoroughly recommend you go with Kim too!

We didn’t find much to buy as it’s coming to the end of one season and the new (old) stock isn’t in yet but we managed to do ok. And as I said to Chris and on instagram, while the cats are away the mice are going to spend their money. (Kim’s husband was on the ski trip too, as was Michelle’s son) .

We moaned all the way round, complaining there wasn’t much to buy, but by the end of the day I was struggling to carry it all...especially my new serving platter and bath mats, I know how to live it up!


Go big or go home, I needed some serious manipulation to ease my hernia back by in the time I got home but I’d say it was worth it hahahahaha. 

Not loving the alone time and having to deal with the boiler breaking down as well as everything else I decided to go to the zoo, I asked my friend Di if she fancied it which she did.  

We spent a fantastic afternoon in the bitterly cold sunshine, strolling round having a great catch up, I haven’t seen Di in what felt like ages, although it was only a week or so. 

Isn't everything in life just made better by spending time chatting with great friends. I’m extremely thankful to mine for being there for me last week. I feel very blessed.  

Hat from Hobbs, Coat from Belstaff, Gloves from Costco. 

Hat from Hobbs, Coat from Belstaff, Gloves from Costco. 

Chris and the boys arrived home to a Siberian winter indoors. Having no heating in a cold wave (not sure what the opposite to a heat wave is but cold wave works for me if you’ll permit it) is absolutely no fun, plus the horrific smell of the leaked heating oil forced us from our home. 

Which actually serendipitously meant we checked into the hotel we spent our wedding night in some 22 years ago.  

It was really lovely. It brought back a lot of memories for me, our wedding night was spent with me feeling very nauseous (thanks to Sam as it turned out) and Chris fell fast asleep having downed the bottle of complimentary champagne to himself...awwww, good times, good times hahahahaha. 

This time it was great just to be away from our house, the smell of heating oil was still lingering on our clothes but at least we were in a toasty warm room with a hot Shower. 


Top from Holister, leggings from Next. 

The boiler is being replaced as I type and it will be just perfect when we are warm again.  

My family is home, I can’t ask for more than that.