My funny Valentine’s...

I think you know me well enough to know that I have far too much time on my hands.

If you follow me on Insta or FB you undoubtedly would have seen the little montage I made of a porcelain badger (that was a birthday gift to Chris from Matt and Kim) packing a suitcase and leaving home. I made it in the hope I could cast it out of my house once and for’s really not to my tastes decor wise. 

Well that little foray into the film industry only served to bite me on the backside as I had been asking if we could hire a cleaner...but Chris feels that seeing as I had enough time to not only put together the photos but to have the thinking space in my head and time on my hands to carry it through I must have way too much time free! Hahahahahah hahahahahah he’s not wrong...



I wasn’t completely cold hearted about it, I made sure he found a friend... hahahahaha, it’s ok, I worry myself sometimes too! :) 

Anyway, note to self, if you want to rid yourself of unwanted, unattractive gifted ornaments, it’s always best to “accidentally” drop them, preferably during the cleaning process! :) 

The badger is back on display in the living room, not visible unless you really look for it but it’s there, I promise. 

Anyway, as someone with a proven track record of plenty of time spare. I invited 14 people for dinner on Valentine’s Day Night...or is it just Valentine’s night? 

Chris and I were married on Valentine’s Day in 1996, and 22 blissful years later he’s still the one, and in attempt to not be too smug or mushy - my everything.  

...and they said it wouldn’t last...some did actually say that, how wrong they were!  

I’m not a huge fan of restaurants on Valentine’s, I don’t like the dynamics of just tables of two, filled with couples that are meant to be gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly but mostly end up staring like rabbits in the headlights in the hope they haven’t messed up in some way on the romance scale. 

So I cooked 3 curries from scratch, lamb Rogan Josh,  chicken curry and a vegan curry (I’ve been going down the vegetarian/vegan path just lately, not an animal welfare initiative, purely a Suzy welfare one, I’ve been reading more and more about the positive benefits. I doubt I’d ever go full time vegan but I try at least 3-4 days a week).

Curries bubbling away all day in the slow cookers I set about setting the table. Entertaining for large numbers is so easy if you shove everything in a slow cooker.  

(For those ostomites that are too nervous to go out to restaurants due to leaks, dinner parties at home are a life saver, no need to miss out on great food and even better company just do it in the comfort of your own home). What sort of life would it be without good food and friends.


Eating in is not second best, it’s better in some ways. When I eat my stoma becomes very active. I do go out for dinner a lot but I dislike very much the sensation of eating and bag filling at the same time, it really can ruin the silhouette of your outfit to end up with a massive bulging bag once the meal is over. 

It still happens at home of course, but I’m certainly more relaxed about it.  


I bought the ladies boxes of nice chocolates and the men I bought....errr, totally forgot about them, soz...if I had a cleaner maybe I’d have had more time to think of something for them too ;)


In keeping with the theme of love I got myself dolled up ready for our guests. 


Shirt from Topshop , Skirt from M&S, Shoes from Chanel.



Oh would you look at that, Chris captured a cheeky little action shot, eat your heart out Martha Stewart! Hahahahahah 



And the very best thing about eating in is my littlest Valentine could join us too!


......and the added bonus of inviting people round is they always bring gifts!! xxx