This girl is on fire...

I’ve had a really productive and fun week, you know one of those weeks you just get things done. They don’t happen very often, but last week I was on fire.  

So having done all that housewifely stuff I was meant to do (I live the life of a Stepford wife, just sadly without the ability or inclination, I’m just winging it...and have been for the last 20 odd years, but Chris hasn’t noticed so we’re all good - hahahahahah) .

I don’t want to put my productivity too much down to my change of diet but I am getting slightly more sleep than I was. Not a full night still but certainly better that it was. This I’ve worked out is possibly because I haven’t been constipated since I started my new eating habits.  (my sleep was blighted due to gripey, growling gut ache throughout the night, but also partly down to life experience and mild anxiety). 

Whatever is root cause of the few more minutes settled sleep I’m very happy and thus super organised during daylight hours!

So house wife duties complete I was able to get on and enjoy lunch with a dear friend who I don’t get to see that often.  

Then the family had a great night out to a lovely restaurant in Chelmsford for our Sam’s girlfriends birthday. Ben brought a couple of his mates and we made a very pleasant night of it. It wasn’t a late one due to Sam and Milly needing to leave ours at 2.30am for a weekend in Bruges, Belgium, but it was yummy and fun none the less.  


Top from Scotch & Soda, Jean's from Topshop, Boots from Russell and Bromley

I love this top, occasionally the top of my bag will peak over the top of my jeans, but goodness me if someone is staring at me so intently that they notice  I've got more to worry about than the bag being slightly visible....and more to the point so have they!

I love this top, occasionally the top of my bag will peak over the top of my jeans, but goodness me if someone is staring at me so intently that they notice  I've got more to worry about than the bag being slightly visible....and more to the point so have they!


James, George, Ben, Chris, Me, Milly and Sam. (thought I'd better do a name check for fear of getting stroppy messages from James, see James, I mentioned you without prompting hahahahahahahahahahaha)

I love my boys very much obviously, one of the things I admire most about them is they surround themselves with good people. It's not something I've always done in the past, especially not as a teenager. They really are very wise, sensible and level headed young men and I couldn't be prouder. Chris and I both enjoy their and their friend’s company.

Then on Friday I had lunch with Kim and the twins, who I do get to see often but never tire of.  

The twins are 8 months old now and getting cheekier by the day.  


As you can see, I go the extra mile when entertaining...Kim very kindly pointed out to me that I had coordinated my outfit with the high chairs, I should have worn grey jeans to complete the look of course. 


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans - Joni’s from Topshop, Shoes from Michael Kors

Then Saturday one of my darling cousins and her family came over for lunch (I cooked!! Yes, me! All I need now is a pinny and perfect hair and I will be complete!) 

Usually I stick something in the slow cooker and let it do it’s thing but I went all out and cooked Butternut Massamam curry and sticky rice -  ooohh, get me getting all chef-y.  

I think it helps that we now have a beautiful kitchen to cook in - with an extractor fan, so now you don’t stink the house out cooking and personally smell of onions and other penetrating food odours all day. Only took us 10 years of living here to do it but better late than never I say. 


Top from Tory Burch, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tommy Hilfiger. 

It was a fabulous day, I love spending time with family, and I adore Kerrie and Simon...and on another plus note Ben seemingly has overcome his fear of babies. Usually he avoids them like the plague but Harry made it very clear that wouldn’t be possible.  


He’ll be offering to babysit the twins next! Hahahahahah  

Sunday was spent perusing the wares of Selfridges, yes, again, it’s a great Sunday stroll, fun for all the family :) 

(Even the recent toilet upset there couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. It’s not the stores fault. But I have decided that from now on every time I need the loo there I’m going to the disabled toilets on the ground floor, they’re right at the back by the men’s toilets, should you need them. Not to gender stereotype but men do not glare and make nasty comments when seeing people use the disabled loos, men largely don’t think it’s any of their business I suspect).

We only went up to London because Ben was going so we tagged along with him.  

Whilst walking round in there Ben spotted an Arsenal football player, Per Mertasacker. Now I don’t know too much about football but Chris and his friend Matt have a competition each year as to who can have the most selfies or photos with famous people, they get to go to a lot of functions that have “special guest celebrities” I say that in quotes as one year Chris met The Chuckle Brothers at a charity function and included a photo of him with them into the competition...and The Green Goddess one time! 

Anyway as Matt is a HUGE Arsenal fan I thought he’d appreciate my entry with the lovely Per into the competition. (Chris informed me that Matt has some issues with my entering their game so late in the day, I’m yet to find out what they are fully, probably just pure envy! Hahahahahah) 


Such a smashing fella, very sweet natured to let me pester him on his weekend.  

Anyway, on with our shopping trip at hand, Chris bought me a rather beautiful pair of CD shoes and some clothes from MK, which I’m very happy with, an early Valentine’s pressie methinks.  

London is one of my very favourite places to go, it’s a stunning city, and London in the sunshine is the very best! 


Coat from Belstaff, Jeans from Topshop, boots from Lacoste. 

I don't and won't let having a colostomy stop me from enjoying life's pleasures.  

After a day of walking round my hernia was giving me grief but that's easily remedied by laying flat and gently rubbing it back into place (long may that little trick work! :)  )