Coming to you live from Austria...

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from’s true, here I am merrily blogging away in the most beautiful of surroundings, we're on our annual family ski holiday (much to our dog’s chagrin, although nanny and granddad have moved in for the week to spoil her she still gets the hump every time she sees a suitcase!).

I say ski holiday, I can’t actually ski, I tried, I failed. So I come along for the scenery, the food and the spa and to walk and read...not at the same time of course, that’d be pretty dangerous in such treacherous conditions. ;) 

I packed a full wardrobe’s worth of clothes, I never know what to bring on holiday, so I bring it all! God only knows what I’m going to do for the USA road trip, this was a full case, bulging at the seams for a one week holiday!  

My hope is when people read my blogs they understand that I’m not preaching about what you should or shouldn’t wear, all I want to do is give examples of what I’ve managed to cobble together or get away with.  I think my blogs could be described as an anthology of dressing possibilities with a colostomy. That really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! Hahahahahah.   


If you feel comfortable in tracksuit and running shoes then that’s exactly how you should dress. Sometimes that’s exactly how I dress, and I haven’t been near a track in years...actually, ever thinking about it!

But mostly I like to make the most of what I’ve got, and this holiday is no exception to that.  


Top from The White Company, Jeans from Topshop and Boots from Russell & Bromley

For evening meals in this hotel I learnt the hard way to bring thin, cool tops. The first year we came I stocked up on apres ski wear (the fact I don’t ski didn’t dampen my enthusiasm to dress for the occasion). Anyway it’s so hot in the hotel that I was melting that first year. Now I pack for a spring day, seems to do the trick. 


Top from Scotch & Soda, Trousers from Next, Boots from Russell and Bromley. 


Top from No.27, Trousers from Next.

Obviously warm clothing for outside is vital. But it’s stunningly beautiful here I barely notice the cold.    


It’s been snowing solidly since we arrived and I couldn’t be happier. The others are at times struggling to ski but sitting indoors in the warm watching the snow and reading my book is absolute heaven. 

Brief Segway into a book review - I’m reading The Wisdom of Sunday’s by Oprah Winfrey. It’s really very powerful and very beautiful.  


My view as I sit and read. :)  

My day times are pretty relaxed, eat, read, spa, repeat. 



T Shirt from TK Maxx, Joggers from M&S, Shoes from Michael Kors. These shoes have been a godsend, easy to slip on, perfect for popping to breakfast or the spa, one could even coin the phrase “breakfast shoes” for them (which is exactly how I described them to my friends, who fell about laughing at me) apparently people in general don’t pigeon hole footware. Not sure why, we do it for nightwear, day wear, raincoats and swimwear - why not breakfast shoes! :) 

Any way all I meant was I wanted something easy to slip on, that I didn’t have to bend down to do up. Doing my right shoe is always fine but when it comes to my left foot (no, not the movie) my actual left foot if I have lace ups and I have to bend down for it it can expel air out of the filter of my bag and ruin the capacity of the filter for the day, there is nothing more frustrating than having to change a just changed bag!

 I trotted off to the spa yesterday for a lovely facial I was greeted by a lovely beauty therapist called Sara.  

During the course of the facial she asked if I’d like the special eye mask “it’s very good for your wrinkles” she says....errr, ok I’ll let that one go I think, then later she asks if I want to super hydrating face cream, “it’s very good for your old skin” hang on Sara, no need to hammer the point home! Hahahahah hahahahah  

When I got back to the room I asked Chris if it’s helped all my wrinkles...he said “wrinkles? You don’t have wrinkles”.....CORRECT answer! Hahahahah! ;)  

A girl can dream can’t she! 


Top From Topshop, Joggers from TK Maxx, Sliders from Topshop. 


Swimming can be a bit of a tricky one. I tend to have a swim and then a shower and a bag change straight after. I find the filter is shot once its wet.

I always get changed into proper day clothes to go out, not vital, but like I said it’s my preference.   


I may not be able to ski but I have done a lot of work on conquering my fear of cable cars so at least I can get up the mountain and meet the others for lunch or even just a hot chocolate.     


Jumper from Hollister, Jeans from Topshop.  



Hat from Hobbs, coat from Belstaff, Boots are Moonboots by Jimmy Choo. 

This holiday has been different to our 2 previous visits here, the first year we came Chris didn’t ski either, so we spent the days together, but he has now learnt, the second year we came with friends, Kim was pregnant with the twins so she didn’t ski, this is the first year we’ve been that I have been alone for most of the day.  

I have made the most of the free time. Although yesterday I had an unintentionally long walk, I misunderstood the information on the sign post, I was a tad exhausted but it was beautiful along the way. I generally go for a brisk walk, then swim, spa or read. 

Walking here is just absolute bliss, the scenery is amazing.  


I really do love it here. We just don’t get deep snow at home.  



Top from Hollister, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Barbour

Every day is a new day for new experiences, I’m not someone that copes well with heights and lack of control (slight understatement), but you really can’t come to the mountains and not go up them. There’s really nothing quite like the taste of a hot chocolate in the sky.   


Don’t be fooled by my smile, it takes everything I’ve got to get in these ‘death traps’ hahahahah, told you I wasn’t exaggerating. I swear most of the way up...and down, I find it helps. ;) 

But the rewards from the top make up for the fear.   


Ok, so the views weren’t breathtaking due to the heavy snow, but being up there is exhilarating.   

luis alm.JPG
Top from Hollister, Jeans Joni from Topshop, moonboots by Jimmy Choo. 

Top from Hollister, Jeans Joni from Topshop, moonboots by Jimmy Choo. 

The very best view is watching my 3 beautiful boys having the time of their lives, so natural in this habitat...just wait till we get to Rodeo Drive in April, where they can enjoy seeing me in my natural habitat! Hahahahah...


Oh I’ve done a bit of research on the toilets here too. Yep, the door and walls come to about 3 inches from the floor.  :)