Spreading positivity...

I was very lucky to have been asked to contribute my story to a collection of stories of women who haven’t let life’s blips get them down, if anything it’s spurred them on to help others. 

I feel very honoured and proud to have been asked, and lucky that I’m able to share my story and more importantly be able to share access to my blog with a wider audience.  

Someone out there, like countless others whom I’ve met (online) through Gladrags & Bags might have just got that dreaded god awful news, and may well be thinking as I did before my op that life will never be as good again. 

Hopefully, seeing me, living and loving life, bag and all may just be the tonic they need to flip their thoughts to a more positive future ahead.  

My blog is solely a philanthropic venture. I make nothing from it, in fact it costs me money each year to renew hosting it.  

But what I truly believe is that I’ve been blessed with the ability to share positive, confident conversation to highlight that having a bag isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a brand new one!  

In no way am I dismissing a colostomy or ileostomy as trivial, indeed some people find it very difficult to deal with and live with, and I can totally understand where they are coming from. 

But for me getting out there, back into the big beautiful world ONLY because of my bag is an important message to share. 

I’ve been to more places, done more things than I ever believed possible.  Before I was diagnosed with cancer (and assuming that I just had IBS as I had been assured by various doctors) I was trapped in a very small life dictated to by access to toilets. Nothing could be further from my life now, and that can only be a good thing, an incredible thing, and if it’s because of my bag so be it!

Woman’s Weekly out today!




Ps, couldn’t be happier that MM is on the front cover, I’m a tad obsessed with her. :)  

 * no monies were paid for my article. xxx