Spontaneity planning required...

I’m a bit old fashioned, well I say that but probably what I really mean is I like Chris to come up with our date night ideas because I’m a lazy, spoilt princess that can’t be bothered to think of anything.  ;) 

So it came as much of a surprise to me as it did to Chris that I arranged a night out and sent him an invite last week. 

He works so hard I thought it was high time I arranged something for him, well us really, but mostly him. 

I booked us into Chutney Mary in London. It’s a fine dining Indian restaurant and one of my faves, and Chris’s too! We spent the first year of our courtship some 24 years ago now going to the same Indian restaurant in Romford most evenings, most weeks. We love curry. which is why I thought it’d be a lovely treat to go up town to Chutney Mary. 

It only takes us about 45 - 50 minutes to get from sunny Essex to the centre of London. And it’s well worth the trek every time. 

Weirdly we bumped into quite a few people that we know on our journey up there, on train platforms and on the underground. It really is a very small world.  

I dolled myself up as I was feeling refreshed and revived after having my hair coloured and cut (as shocking as this must be, I’m not a natural blonde hahahahah) 


Coat from Jeagar, Trousers from Next, Boots from Russell and Bromley, Bag from Christian Dior. 


We got to London earlier than planned so we stopped at Quaglino’s for virgin cocktails, which was lovely, it’s such a great place, even if it’s just for drinks, then on to Chutney Mary’s for the most amazing food. I can’t fault the place, the staff are attentive but not in your face and the food, is heavenly. 


Top from Michael Kors, Trousers from Next. 


Incidentally I’ve lost 7lb since just before Christmas and I’m just about feeling it notices a tiny bit, still got a fair way to go but every little helps.  ;) 


The food is devine. Seriously good. 

We were shown to the table only to find it was the same place we’ve sat for the last 3 trips there, it’s become ‘our table’ it feels like, without even asking for it. :) 

Anyway after we had stuffed ourselves we were so full and content I said to Chris oooh, I could happily go to sleep right now. And that’s when we decided to stay in London the night, a spontaneous spur of the moment decision. How very exciting, we’ve not done something like that before. So Chris started looking at hotels in the locale on Booking. Com, I was really really excited, there’s some stunning hotels in that area, when it suddenly dawned on me to check my hand bag for colostomy supplies.  

I had grabbed the make up bag I store spares in from my daily use bag without checking it’s contents. Inside said make up bag was the rattiest, fluff covered colostomy bag you have ever seen, and my heart sank, and the sheer frustration and disappointment overwhelmed me. The added irony that I had cut a clean, fresh bag ready to take with me not 4 hours earlier, that was now sitting on the chest of drawers in my bedroom did nothing to quell my disappointment. 

There are many many upsides to living with a stoma, the most notable, key word there is LIVING. But there are a couple of disadvantages, and spontaneity having to be a planned event is one of them! 

I could have easily bought deodorant and a pair of knickers in Boots or somewhere. But colostomy bags? No, they’re not going to have them in stock, they should, but they wouldn’t. 

The moral of the story for the love of god check your bag of bags. Had I needed a bag change while I was out I’d have been a bit stuck too.  

We can do a ‘spontaneous’ night away another time, it wasn’t the end of the world, I’ll just plan for it better next time! Ha hahahahah  

On the subject of being out and about and needing a bag change though, one of the reasons I like going to certain restaurants is my feeling of utter peace should I need to use their toilets for an emergency change. 

Both Quaglino’s and Chutney Mary fall into my ‘fave loo’ category (really??? Fave toilets? I would say I need to get out more but I think it’s clear I do ok on that score!). 

But a great night out is the whole experience, and part of that is feeling confident and comfortable to change my bag should the need arise. 


Yes, I imagine I’d have look a tad strange had someone seen me taking photos of a loo!  “one for the collection!” :) 

But this cubicle is perfect for me, fully enclosed, walls and door to the ceiling, a shelf for all my colostomy bag change paraphernalia, and even the added bonus of a hook for my bin sack bag to hang on (I don’t even have that luxury at home!!). 

One of the things I noticed when I was in NYC was the height of the toilet cubicle doors (in that they are incredibly short and often with big gaps either side, by the hinges and lock). I’m not sure if this is a USA wide thing or just an NYC thing. But I did feel I’d be too self conscious to change my bag in a loo like that, I was quite self conscious going for a wee, let alone anything else, I’m very British, I like to be hidden away. ;) 

I shall do more research on that come April when we do our California to Neveda road trip! God I know how to live!! ‘Toilets of the world’ coming soon to all good bookshops!!