summer special...

Where do I start with this one? Well summer is well and truly here!  You can tell by the thunder storms and flooding, at a time when I hoped to be blogging about new summer clothes and clever ways to cope with bags in hot weather I am actually trying to prevent my garden from flooding instead. What can I tell you, I'm British and there's nothing we like more than discussing the weather. :)

The first day of summer came and went and it pretty much hasn't stopped raining since, in fairness the sun has come out on occasion but I've spent plenty of weekends re planning gatherings, bbq's have become indoor events (well the eating part at least, it would be fairly unwise to bring the bbq indoors, no matter how tempting) and picnics planned in country parks have been replaced with carpet picnics in the living room). Just think of the money we're saving on sun cream though!  Fingers crossed it improves soon, until then I thought I might as well share some insights I found whilst on holiday in Spain a few weeks ago, just in case the weather here breaks or you go on holiday.

It was meltingly hot in spain, literally on some days my bags adhesive was really being pushed to the limits, and lifting in places, it certainly came as shock to the system. Also I had a devil of a job getting any clean bags to stick to my very clammy, hot skin.

I did come up with a few tricks that seemed to help a little:

Whilst sunbathing I used absorbent, clean, dry flannels to continuously mop up any dripping sweat before it could reach the adhesive. 

During bag change time I had to be a little unconventional, changing it in the hallway with all the windows open so I had a free flow of air, plus I used a fan to keep my skin as cool and as dry as possible in the hope that the reapplied a bag stuck on well, it did help a little.

Also I used OstoGuard wipes to ensure any rogue sun cream that had seeped onto the skin where the bag attaches had been wiped away.

* Finally, it occurred to me that the Morform firming solution for ileostomites might come in handy in the heat. I don't need to use it as my output is solid anyway as I have a colostomy, very solid in the heat as it happens, must be something to do with being dehydrated but when I'm dressed it often looks like I've got a bag of marbles in pocket! ;)  The Morform is placed inside the bag, I imagine it would give you one less thing to stress about by lessening the risk of leakage.


That summer feeling - keeping dry with my rain mac, and brolly. 

Top from Phase Eight, Jeans from Dorothy Perkins - Eden Jeggings, trainers from Jimmy Choo

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