A hot night with Coldplay

I've not been to a concert since my op, and I've certainly never been in the hospitality area ever! So that brought a certain amount of excitement to the night out on top of seeing Coldplay.

I needed to wear something that worked for having the meal in the box, watching the show and the after party in the Bobby Moore suite at Wembley Stadium but not too over the top, lets face it Chris Martin isn't one for dressing smartly so you can hardly turn up in a ball gown and tiara.

I thought this top and trouser combo worked on every level. I wore my very stretchy leather look leggings, they really work well, I can eat comfortably in them as there is plenty of stretch and then dance in them, who could ask for more of their trousers. The top is dressy enough without being over the top. I Wear it in the day normally but I find you can dress anything up with fancy shoes and a bit of jewelry.

I took my big bag for two reasons, one - I had plenty of supplies with me as we were being dropped off so our car wouldn't be anywhere nearby, and two - I took spare shoes just in case these ones got too much. (a good plan as my dancing feet were waning fast until my shoe change).

There are a few details that I am going to contact Wembley about this week, I was told albeit politely by a security guard searching my bag that I couldn't take spray cans into the stadium. He was very kind after I explained what the cans were for, namely colostomy bag release spray. I did explain to him that as I was legally allowed to take them on flights, therefore I thought it highly unlikely that the ban on cans for entry into Wembley included medical supplies. But I will call them this week and clarify the situation. It didn't bother or embarrass me in the slightest but I would hate for someone more sensitive to be stopped from taking a much needed item in. Life can be tough enough without added hassle like that, imagine if all the bagged community ganged up and locked all the toilets, I'd like to see how that'd go down! ;)

Leggings from Next, Top from French Connection, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from LV

I promise my baby son, next to me does love Coldplay but not so much photos! :)

The after party - I think Kim and I took the whole "dance like no one's watching" mantra quite literally. It was a fabulous night. Coldplay were amazing!

Below is the response from the customer service department at Wembley Stadium. Very grateful to them for replying and clarifying the situation. Reassuring me and others that it's perfectly ok to take removal spray and room deodorizer into the stadium.

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