messing about on the river....

I spent a lovely day yesterday at Henley Regatta, I wasn't quite sure what to wear as the weather has been filthy of late, in fact the day before I went they had such horrendous weather that most people called it an early day, and gone home by 5, so I wasn't totally sure a cream dress and cream suede shoes were the right choice, but I really wanted to wear this particular dress as I absolutely love it, it's a total winner, it works so well for me, covers and conceals my bag better than most of my dresses, although as it turns out I don't think cream is an ideal colour for me to wear as I spilt some dark liquid of unknown origin all down the front by the end of the day but at least it started off looking OK.

The day itself was lovely but it was a tad stressful for me as for some reason I had decided to play chicken with my colostomy bag ordering. Totally slipped my mind to order anymore, even when I could see I was running low. So my night in a lovely hotel in Henley and the day itself was somewhat marred by my fear that I only had ONE colostomy bag in my possession and if that bag failed me in some way I was done for. I had run so low on bags that all I had left was one that I found in the bottom of a handbag, all crinkled and fluffy, plus not having any spare bags with me is not ideal for making one feel confident and comfortable on a day out. Probably advisable to order well in advance to prevent the feelings of utter helpless peril in future, whether I will or not remains to be seen. :)

Anyway, it was a great day out afterall, I just had to put my fear of leaks aside, which became much easier with the help of a fabulous waitress who brought me a bottomless supply of Pimms (other summer punches are available). Thankfully by the end of the day I was as fearless as a newt! ;)

A friend of mine asked me what Henley Regatta is like, well it feels quintessentially English, its lovely, its very social, I love a good chat I do, just try and stop me! I can't say I'm massively into the rowing aspect which is a bit shameful but with the sun shining there's really nothing quite as lovely on a summer's day than getting p***ed on a river bank, it rather reminds me of my youth only with posher clothes and an afternoon tea laid on. 

Dress from Lungta De Fancy, Shoes and Bag from Chanel, Summer Coat from Trucco.