Purple reigns

We were lucky enough to have been invited to our first wedding of the year, there's nothing quite like a wedding to remind us we should always be kind and caring to our spouse, even if they do all those cliched things that drives us mad like leaving the seat up and dumping their dirty washing next to the basket, a marriage ceremony reminds us about all the reasons we fell in love to start with, we sometimes need that with life so busy these days.

 But as much as I love them, the quiet prayer times do bring with it a certain amount of fear and trepidation, for this is when my stoma decides to announce itself to the world, loud and proud. It doesn't seem to matter if I've eaten or not. In reality it's probably no more noisy than normal but at quiet moments in public I am hypersensitive, I've never got used to it. It's also the reason I try and avoid all quiet places if at all possible, like the queue at the post office, yoga classes or the library, although when I say that to people my husband always pipes up "...and you spent sooo much time in the library beforehand..." ok he's right, my frequency in visits to the library hasn't really changed since my op. But my preference for a little background hubbub is very strong.

In these situations I tend hold my hand firmly over the stoma itself in the hope that I can muffle any sounds that sneak out, if only it were socially acceptable to have a cushion on your belly like a silencer in public, wouldn't that make life blissful.

I bought this dress in a sale a while back now, an utter bargain, too good to miss. I've never really thought I had "a" colour before now, but I really do love this dress, both in colour and design. It's like it was literally made for me, with the draping fabric in exactly the right place.  I bought this dress in cream originally, I loved the fit and the reassurance I felt with my bag hidden under the detailing on the front and I love the sexiness of the lace back too. I asked the shop assistant if they had it in any other colours (I do tend to do that with anything I find, if it works well for me I will buy it in all the colours). When she brought this one out I wasn't fully convinced but once I put it on I really did love it. I love the cream version too but I wouldn't wear cream to someone's wedding, so I'll have to find somewhere else to wear that.

I did think it was going to be tricky finding shoes to go with it but my new birthday nude shoes go with everything so that was easily sorted, I completed the outfit with it a bag I've had for years, which I think worked well, not to everyone's taste but it is the perfect size and shape to carry all my colostomy bits in.

We had a wonderful day at the wedding, plenty of laughter and some blubbing. I would like to wish James and Julia a very happy happily ever after.

Dress Lungta De Fancy, Shoes Agnes in nude by Jimmy Choo, Bag Longchamp

Should have probably straightened out the lining before getting the photo taken but who has time to think of every little detail.

Should have probably straightened out the lining before getting the photo taken but who has time to think of every little detail.

I felt a flesh coloured bra worked best with this dress.


I love this bag, my husband bought it for for me way way back in 2005, its a limited edition Longchamp Pliage, designed by Tracey Emin. Its almost vintage I've had it so long! hahahah. I thought it complimented the ensemble very well, besides it doesn't get to go out much these days.