Summer loving

Summer is my favorite time of year, Ok it still has its pit falls every now and then, like my bag not wanting to stick too well to my sweaty skin, but on the whole it really is my season. As much as I love my skinny jeans and fitted frocks (I refuse to let having a colostomy dictate that I can only wear baggy, shapeless outfits) ,I really do enjoy the obvious benefits of a floaty dress.

On holiday these boob tube type dresses are my number one!  I love the easy relaxed feel, use them as a cover up over a bikini, team them with flats for the day time or dress them up with a few nice accessories for the evening and you're good to go. 

The bagginess of the dresses makes eating an absolute pleasure. I was assured, by the hospital team that my stoma would only be active once or twice a day, mine however is active 24/7, but mostly when I'm eating. I think my colostomy has a personality disorder, I think it thinks its an Ileostomy! 

Dress from Primark , Shoes from Jimmy Choo

 Sunglasses from Jimmy Choo, Dress from Primark , Flip Flops (in hand) from Havaianas

Dress from Primark ,Shoes (who knows, my legs seem to have been cut short)

Notice a a real bias towards a certain shop for this type of holiday wear, there's a very good reason for it. I use Riemann P20 suntan cream on holiday, and although it can't be beaten in my opinion for sun protection it does have the unfortunate side effect of discolouring any fabric it touches, I tend to buy cheap stuff to wear if I'm going to be using it, saves any heart ache over spoiled frocks. 

Also, these dresses roll up so small you can take loads on holiday, even if you're only taking hand luggage, on a flight.