Bohemian rhapsody

Its a strange world when I write extolling the virtues of bohemian style, although I have nothing against it per se ,I do tend to avoid it at all cost. Its just not a fashion style that's ever grabbed me, or more accurately, Its not a style I've ever been able to pull off and look natural. I'm more a hobo than a boho kind of girl. Saying that I like to keep an open mind when it comes dressing.

I Saw this dress recently in a Karen Millen outlet store, not sure why I decided to try it on but, something about it really appealed to me, I Loved the way it fits, nipping in at the waist is very flattering to my shape, which I have often described as a lumpy hourglass. I also love the way it moves. Its really very feminine and floaty and to top it off its really comfy. 

The front panel of pleats is perfectly placed for when the bag expands during the day. It did come with a matching neck tie but that was just a step to far for me.

The pattern is probably borderline too much for me but I couldn't walk away when it felt so nice on. 

I know exactly what I'm going to wear it for, I've got a couple of long days out coming up and the fact this dress is loose at the front means I won't have to stress about my bag filling and showing. 

DRESS Karen Millen Outlet, SHOES Manolo Blahnik

*apologies for my rather fat face, I'm currently fighting a chest and throat infection and I have swollen glands in places I never even knew I had glands hahahahahah, the show must go on though and the blog needing posting.