An a-flare to remember

I often talk about dresses that have never been favorites of mine but have come to be part of my staple wardrobe since becoming an ostomite. Fit and flare dresses however have always been at the top of my faves list. I have always loved their simple, timeless elegance. They have always worked well to compliment my figure. I find you can hide a multitude of sins with a dress that nips you in at the waist and flares out with a full skirt. I call them my Doris Day dresses, maybe I'm a throwback to a bygone age of femininity. I really do think I was born into the wrong era, come to that I also think I was born in to the wrong body (size wise rather than gender). In my head I'm an awful lot slimmer, but a borderline obsession for ice cream kissed that dream goodbye!

Since having my colostomy I have at times felt anything but feminine, there are some rather un glamorous and unlady like aspects to it, so anything that can give me a boost of confidence is a must have in my book, and what could be more feminine that loads of swooshy fabric, you can't help but give a little twirl every now and then whilst wearing one.

I think my blogs show there are many ways to disguise a colostomy bag but I do find that the diaphanous fabric of this style dress is one of the very best!

DRESS by Fransa, bought from a little boutique shop in Champneys at Henlow Grange, strange little shop, selling sports socks , swim wear and this gorgeous dress. It has a coating on the fabric, My son hates it, he calls it my bin bag dress - Boys! what do they know!

SHOES by Manolo Blahnik, BAG by Aspinal Of London.

DRESS from Trucco at Alicante airport,  waiting for flights can be made some what more bearable by a spot of shopping, even with the 4 hour delay on the way home on Sunday. I love dresses that are multi purpose, denim dresses are a key trend this season, I love that you can  dress this one up or down with different footwear and you're good to go. I like to shop but want my monies worth. From left to right - SHOES and BAG from Mulberry, LONG BOOTS From Tommy Hilfiger , BOOTS from Phase Eight  BAG from Louis Vuitton

well I did say its always been a favorite of mine! :)