Spa-ing partner...

A friend and I were treated to a spa day package by our incredibly kind hearted husband's way back in June, and much to their despair we have only just gotten round to redeeming the vouchers. To be honest I think we did the right thing hanging on to them, a pre Christmas spa day is absolutely fantastic. My friend, Dianne works very hard and it was a much needed respite from the daily grind for her. (me, well, I don't do much any day so I was just along for the ride really hahahaha)

The spa itself was within a hotel in Dedham, just on the border of Essex and Suffolk. It's absolutely stunning as is the surrounding area. 

We were the only two guests in for the day so we felt very spoilt. My friend braved the hot tub but I just wasn't feeling it. Some days I don't mind getting in swimming or hot tubbing but some days I just can't really be bothered with the rigmarole of bag changing (if the filter on the bag gets wet it no longer works which means it will smell. Not a huge issue and like I said sometimes I don't mind changing my bag and sometimes I do). I sat on the edge of the hot tub and dangled my legs in while we chatted and that was fine by me. We also chilled out by the out door log fire, a very nice touch. 

The treatments I had booked were divine, seriously good, I had a scrub/wrap type thing, a manicure and a facial. I can't remember the names of them but they felt great. I'm relatively new to spa days, my husband introduced me to them. He's a huge fan of spa-ing. The first time we went to one together I refused to don the robe (It just felt like I was in a real life version of One flew over the cuckoo's nest. So with Chris walking round in his robe all weekend and me fully dressed, it ended up looking like I was visiting him in an asylum. I was very self conscious back then but I've now got over myself and fully partake in the robe wearing relaxation spa retreats have to offer.

I explained my situation to my therapist for the day, Aimee, she was an absolute star, she made me feel very relaxed and took her time to allow me to get properly comfortable. If I'm having treatment where I have to lay on my front I build a little surround for my bag out of towels, it's not terrifically comfy but it does reduce the risk of leaks and the stress of worrying about said leaks too. I was very impressed with her maturity and confidence dealing with someone a little different to the norm. She was only 21. 

We had such a lovely day, the food at lunch was amazing and I felt very relaxed, well I did, maybe I need to go back weekly? 

If I had to find a fault, it would be with the robes we were given. I've had thicker robes waiting for an NHS colonoscopy. They could do with those ultra thick fluffy toweling robes that my cellulite and bag wouldn't show through...hahahahahaha... 

But other than that it was amazing, a spa day needn't be off your radar. It takes a little confidence in your bag but the rewards are great.


Huge thank you to Jasper and Chris for the vouchers. Cant wait till next time now. ;)