The wild card

Never would it have crossed my mind to take a look, let alone try something on from the Tall section of any clothes store (at only five foot three and a quarter...and yes, the quarter is worth mentioning!), it wouldn't be some where that I'd naturally gravitate to. 

I inadvertently ended up with this top in the dressing room purely for nostalgic reasons, I bought this exact top from Top Shop 25 years ago when I was working as a Saturday girl there. The fact that it was from the TALL section turned out to be serendipitous, the extra length in the body means my boobs and more importantly my bag has the space required for P/R (poo room). 

I teamed it with a pair of Dorothy Perkins - Eden jeggings, it felt great to wear and as far as I've been told it looked great too, win win!

As frustrating as it is to find clothes that work for me (I can just about remember that clothes shopping is equally frustrating for everyone, bagged or bagless alike, there isn't a one shape /size fits all model out there, how dull would that be if there was.)  It is usually fun, rewarding and at times surprising. 

The most important thing for me to to keep trying new things, keep pushing the boundaries, I'm not prepared to wear baggy T shirts and lose fitting tracky bottoms just because it'd be the easiest thing to wear. For me that would be this situation I've ended up in beating me and defining my life. Not going to happen any time soon. 


Top from Topshop, Jeans DP Eden jeggings, boots Hobbs