The Peplum

As I briefly mentioned before The Peplum isn't one of my favourite styles, well it wasn't before my op but its a great design for concealing and hiding my bag and its contents. 

I'm a curvy girl, so I prefer outfits that emphasize my shape,  the Peplum has the benefit of cinching in at the waist to enhance my figure (which at best I would describe as a lumpy hour glass) and the frill becomes a modesty curtain. It really did give me an extra confidence boost, and I had a fantastic night, most of that confidence was down to the bag being absolutely hidden away.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no shrinking violet and I'm certainly not ashamed of my body, quite the reverse is true, is it the greatest body in the world? of course not! but its the only one I've got and its served me well. On holiday I will be on the beach in just a bikini with my bag on show, I'm not bothered by peoples stares or glances (I'd probably have been one of those people before my op, so who am I to judge), but dolled up for a night out I don't want my waste matter to show through my frock, I'm funny like that.

The peplum style would also work as a blouse over jeans, trousers and skirts.

Dress Miss Selfridge (£15 in the sale),  Shoes Dune