Go big or go home

Ok, so I will admit that this dress isn't going to appeal everyone's taste and in all honesty I'm not sure I'd have even chosen it before my op, but there is an awful lot that is incredibly unglamorous about living with a stoma, not wanting to burden anyone with the gory details, needless to say at times I just want to break out from the restrictions that now naturally occur, at times I find having a bag somewhat claustrophobic, I'm never naked , even when naked.  

In this dress I felt the exact opposite of all those feelings. Its so over the top, its glitterball-tastic, but it really worked for me on many levels, firstly and probably most importantly I felt bloody fantastic, second its made of a stretchy fabric that gently stretched throughout the evening when my bag was filling up, leaving me with a feeling of confidence that it was unlikely to pancake, and third and finally the sequins being individually sewn on meant that the bags shape was disguised.

What I learnt from trying on this dress, baring in mind I only took it in the the changing room to try on tongue in cheek to start with but totally fell in love with it once I got it on, is that you have to keep pushing the boundaries, keep exploring new ways of looking good and feeling good.

I'm not totally 100% body confident (who is?!) and I always strive to look the best that I can. Under this dress I wore a huge pair of Spanx that I cut a hole in for my bag to poke through, similarly to the holes I cut in tights, I still feel I get the desired effect of holding in all of the bulges without the absolute that the bag would leak inside a pair of Spanx.

Dress from TK MAXX - Shoes Louboutin Pigalle 100

Trying my best not to be out sparkled by the gorgeous Lennie  x

Trying my best not to be out sparkled by the gorgeous Lennie  x