I have a few pairs of NYDJ's which I bought a size bigger than I need , I personally didn't buy them for their slimming properties,I just happened to like the waistband height, the fit and feel of them.


The skinny jean is possibly the hardest fashion to follow for me for two very good reasons 1, I'm not skinny and 2, tight = leaks. but never the less I plough on because I wont be beaten.

I have tried lots of different makes and models. The best combination of success I have found is Dorothy Perkins - Eden jegging, they fit well, really comfy and look great. I have these in most of the colours and in two sizes UK 12 and 14's (my weight fluctuates, I don't sweat the small stuff these days). I then use a convex bag , which I find buys me a bit of time to avoid *pancaking. I have to also be honest and when I'm at home I tend to pull my bag over the waistband of the jeans for free flow of poo, one cannot go out like it but it does make life more comfortable. I simply pop it back in to answer the door or go out and about.

Top from Ralph Lauren, jeans Dorothy Perkins (Eden jegging) ,Shoes Hobbs