Second time around...

I made a huge discovery last week. I think, potentially I might have found the cause of my recent bag smell leaks. 

Thankfully this time I was home when I smelt the dreaded smell.  

I went to my bathroom to check for what could have caused the smell leak this time, everything seemed fine till I lifted the bag up and I found quite a significant hole where you seal empty-able bags from.    

(I use ileostomy bags even though I have a colostomy. I prefer the feeling of freedom it gives me. Weirdly colostomy bags make me feel claustrophobic).  

It’s possible this had happened to the two other bags that have leaked smell this year, and that I possibly just hadn’t noticed them in my haste to change them.

Thankfully not contents though, just smell, which is bad enough but better than the alternative.  

I now check for holes every time I change my bag, better to be safe than sorry.  

This hole was a mystery, I’ve no idea what caused it. I do remember however I did have a mishap quite soon after I had my colostomy operation. I had unknowingly cut through the bag with my scissors when cutting the hole to fit it to my stoma (you can get pre cut bags but I prefer to cut my own...that’s how much of a control freak I am! Hahahahaha).  

Anyway on this particular occasion I hadn’t noticed that I had clumsily cut through the bag itself.  

Thankfully on that outing we’d gone to lunch at a very quaint and rustic but quite pungent shell fish restaurant on Mersea Island and no one noticed the smell emanating from me. I only noticed myself in the car on the way home.   

Although I was shocked and horrified no harm done, thank god, no one knew. I prefer not to stink if at all possible, I’m funny like that hahahahaha, so now I’ve added checking for holes to my process, as well as cutting holes in bags with caution.


No leaks since then so that’s perfect. An intact bag does not smell. People with stomas do not smell, well only at bag change times and let’s face it emptying one’s bag or bowels is a stinky process so no need to fret about it. 

I had a great week after that, we had a wonderful night in London on Friday, The Savoy for dinner followed by, and this may shock people that know me...but I went to see a stage show for a second time!! I know! Freaky right!? 

I’ve said it before, I’m dead inside, I know I’m weird because everyone I speak to LOVES shows but  I very much dislike theatre and performing arts. I can watch TV or a movie (preferably at home) perfectly happily but live in a theatre and it’s torture, it’s like scratching your nails down a chalk board for me.  

Very occasionally I’ll enjoy something but it’s a rare treat if that happens. 9-5 is one of those rare ones, I love Dolly Parton which helps and I loved the film 9-5. It’s such a great feel good show that you’d be hard pressed to not like it really. And second time around it was just as good if not better. 

Chris bless him had the misfortune of sitting next to two very drunk women, they turned up late (ok I’ve done this so I can’t criticise) and then proceeded to talk, yes talk through the entire thing! (ok I used to like drink but even back then I’ve never talked through a show - no matter how much I was disliking it). They were loving it so that wasn’t the reason for the constant chatter, she upper body danced through most of it too. Hahahahaha 

Just one more reason to add to my list of not liking to watch things with the general public, they just can’t be trusted to behave...I much prefer to watch things from the comfort of my settee in my own home. Stage shows excluded.  

He’s a very sweet, calm and chilled out kind of fella but they drove him insane so he shooooshed! them, which I found equal parts funny and mortifying.  

She had the cheek to say “I beg your pardon?” With her fume filled breath too! Hahahahaha  

I just stayed out of it and munched my way (quietly) through my popcorn.  

Dinner at The Savoy was great. I preferred my meal in the Grill more than the meal we had at the other restaurant there, Kasper’s that I had last week, it’s not a weekly event for us to dine at the Savoy just a happy coincidence.


There was a rather large downside to wearing this dress on such a windy evening, it’s not so great when you go out and keep flashing your knickers at people! 

And in the words of the wonderful Blackadder “all heads turned...and I dare say a few stomachs” hahahahaha.  


Dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, Camisole from Topshop, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from Christian Dior   


This I believe is my first ever toilet photo, I’m not usually a fan of the popular night out loo photos I see on insta, but the toilets in The Savoy are rather photo worthy. Hahahahaha 

It’s a very instagrammable place in general really.  


I love wrap dresses, and for dressing with a stoma they are fantastic, but I have big boobs (and belly and bum come to that but anyway I digress) which can present a slight problem in getting wrap dresses to be wearable and not indecent. I have to add a camisole but it doesn’t, in my opinion detract from how lovely and comfortable the dress is to wear. 

Chris treated me to this DVF one years ago but it’s such a classic, it was a great investment (that’s what I told him anyway) and it’s soft cotton, T shirt material so it’s sooooo comfortable to eat in.  

That’s the main thing about dressing with a stoma, you have to allow for poo room. There’s no point in going out in something amazing but as soon as you start eating or drinking (or in my case just thinking about eating or drinking can make my stoma active) you can see every lump and bump being collected by your bag. 

I don’t feel I’m dressing for my bag but I do take it filling up during a night or day out into consideration. 


We had a wonderful night out, in spite of the fact that Kaitlyn, my son Ben’s girlfriend was fighting off the worst case of tonsillitis I have ever witnessed. Her right tonsil turned black! I’ve seen tonsillitis quite a lot as Sam, Ben and I are prone to it but never have I seen black tonsils. She was an absolute star coming still, although she was over the worst of it by our night out. But it was appreciated that she came nonetheless. 


Chris, Kaitlyn, our friends Michael, Catie and I absolutely LOVED 9-5, sadly Ben takes after his mummy more than he’d care to admit and wasn’t a fan and doesn’t really like shows, he sat through it pretty stoney faced, Which is hilarious as he’s booked for me/us to see The Book of Mormon for my upcoming birthday. 

You may wonder what I do when we’re not on a night out or even a night out out, well mainly it’s just a picture of absolute bliss, with me, Chris and Pepper snuggled up on the settee watching TV.  


I can’t think of a better place for a Saturday night, just chilling with two of my greatest loves...I mean Pepper and Chris, rather than Pepper and telly. Hahahahaha  

On Sunday Chris and I decided to go to Wisley,  a Royal Horticultural Society garden in Surrey, we’d never been before and we were at a loose end as we were meant to be visiting Sam, Milly and baby Zak but they’d all been poorly too so we left them to relax and recover.  

We rather like a nice gardens to nose round, I would say get inspiration from but our garden is pretty much just grass, pretty rough grass at that.

Wisley is beautiful and really worth a visit.  


Spot the difference hahahahaha  I like to add something for everyone here.  :) 


Jumper from Ralph Lauren, Fake shirt from Dorothy Perkins, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Lacoste  

I love my Joni jeans from Topshop, I manage to wear them leak free, but for car journeys I undo the button and flies. It just makes sitting more comfortable, easier and less likely to cause any pancaking (which is when the poo builds up, seeps under the sticky pad and pulls the bag off the skin, rather than flowing freely into the bag).  


There’s some weird and wonderful offerings.  


It really was a lovely day out. Inspiration was gained (which I shall do nothing with). Hahahahaha 

Then Tuesday we flew to Spain, I know, I’m very lucky because I get to go to lots lovely places, if nothing else I hope it shows that you can do anything you want and go anywhere you want. A stoma is in no way a restriction, to living a very full and happy life. I find mine a blessing really. 

We flew 10 hours to India in February, skiing in March and Spain again last night and I don’t have that uncomfortable feeling of stress of not wanting to poo in public toilets, no no, I don’t need to fret or worry about that because I get to do that from the comfort of my own seat. Hahahahaha, let’s face it if Chris did that it would be terribly frowned upon. Hahahahaha  

I can find more positives to having a stoma than negatives. Not that I felt that way before I had it done. I thought it was the most atrocious thing I’d ever heard of back then, but living the actual reality of my colostomy life has far exceeded expectation.   

I suppose it’s what spurred me on to start writing my blog. If I had know how amazing life was going to be after my colostomy surgery I wouldn’t have been so distraught before hand.  

I’m a very happy, content little bunny. :) 


Top from Ralph Lauren, Trousers from Hobbs, Shoes from Louis Vuitton. 


Clothes to wear to fly in have to be comfortable and have to be pretty much guaranteed not to cause leaking or pancaking. Nothing in life is ever 100% but it’s best to fly in something soft with plenty of give, Tracksuit bottoms or loose leggings. I actually prefer wearing dresses to fly in as they give the best chance of not leaking but I’m a daring little bunny as well as a happy one. 

These trousers were fine. No problem at all.  

We arrived at our lovely little house for a very relaxing for me, working from home for Chris holiday.  

Unbeknownst to us the recent storms in the area had flooded our basement but even bailing that out couldn’t dampen our holiday spirit. Hahahahaha  


Bit of luck I only planned to wear bikini’s all week, made my job bailing a lot easier. :) 

Bikinis with stomas? I can and do every time!  

I have seen loads of stunning young ladies on insta lately with stomas unsure if they should bikini in public, well if I, a 45 year old, overweight grandma can - anyone can! 

It’s not about showing off or attention seeking, it’s about getting the maximum tan you can. (Sunning safely of course).  

I’m body confident, not because I have a great body (I don’t actually believe you have to have a particularly good body unless you earn your living from it, I’m referring to acting or modelling rather than anything else ;) 

Am I bikini body ready? Well I have a body and I have a bikini, sooooo yes I am!

I’m body confident because I refuse to let negativity enter into my tanning process. :)  

With summer fast approaching, be bold, buy that bikini and get out there! xxx  


Please feel free to share any of my blogs. The more (readers) the merrier. xx