Four day weekend...

I’m not saying I’m a spoilt princess or anything but there is a chance I just might be. I keep laughing at something that happened last week. I went to fill my car up with petrol, nothing exciting in that I hear you say, and you’d be right. But when I got to the petrol station and got out I couldn’t find the filler cap! I was searching the car for it desperately. Hahahahaha 

I thought maybe as I’ve got the roof down it covered the bit to put petrol in. I searched high and low, seriously was becoming worried. A man saw me looking for something and offered to help. 

I explained that I couldn’t find where to put the petrol in. He looked at me as if I was mad, and started really laughing but in my defence he couldn’t find it straight away either. With some persistence and two people looking we finally found it, Turns out you put petrol in the front of my car, not in the back. He was killing himself laughing and asked me if it was a new car. I said yes, which was a total lie, I’ve had it since August and last Wednesday was the first time I filled it with petrol. Hahahahaha. 

It’s made me chuckle all week. I’m not sure if it was a blonde or a senior moment but it cheered helpful man up no end. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, the week flowed well after that. It’s been an amazingly good long weekend here. 

On Thursday last week Chris and I went to Kasper’s at The Savoy with some friends. it’s a really lovely restaurant, with great views overlooking the Thames. 


Skirt from Tesco, Top from TK Maxx, Shoes and bag from Chanel.


I absolutely love this skirt from Tesco. It’s so classy and classic, comfy to wear too. When I’m going out to eat skirts and dresses are my best bet. 

I count myself incredibly lucky, lucky because I’m a woman with a stoma. I find the realm of possibilities clothing wise incredibly broad, even with it’s limitations. I was chatting to a chap with a stoma recently and it was only then it occurred to me how limited men are with stoma dressing. Trousers and shorts, that’s it. 

If I thought having to give up flat fronted dresses or slinky silky numbers was annoying how on earth must men feel. It might well be a man’s world but not when it comes to stomas it isn’t! 

Chaps you have my sincerest sympathy. xx


I was putting this skirt in the wash today only to find it still had the card sales ticket on it, please don’t tell me it was on show on my night out! Hahahahaha 

I love the fact it only cost £25 but I’m not sure I want to be a walking display board for it. ;)  

We had a lovely meal, I met a lovely lady in the toilets that was on her way to an emergency black tie do and was struggling to get her zip done up. The dress was gorgeous and with my help and a bit of pulling and tugging we managed to get her dressed for her ball. Hahahahaha  

I want to put my name down for attending emergency balls! Where do I apply? Hahahahaha 

She mentioned that the dress was a bit on the tight side, as she hadn’t had time to prep. I told her I feel her pain. I’ve got totally out of control with food again. I’m very lucky for many and various reasons. But the one of the main ones other than still being alive, is I really get to eat what I want to the most part.  

A lot of people have stomas due to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, which means usually that they feel a lot better by having the stoma but still have to be careful with what they eat for fear of a flare up.

I’m lucky as I had cancer so the only thing making me ill has been removed and is gone now, I’m left able to eat almost everything and anything and boy don’t I make the most of that! Hahahahaha  

I’ve gained a lot of weight and now I have to get my head round losing some. But I want to maintain bowel and bone health while doing it. Carb free diets work a treat but unless you’re getting plenty of fibre in you are at risk of bowel problems. Cut out dairy and you risk bone problems.  

So I’m making a conscious effort to reduce the nasty white carbs (ironically a lot of people with IBD’s have told me they can only eat white carbs to maintain bowel wellbeing) For me personally I just need to stay out of Greggs and stop being a pig. 

I’ve lost 3lb’s this that’s going to show, but at least it’s a start.  

Wholemeal and fibery carbs are to stay. Most people aren’t getting enough in their daily diet but it’s so important for gut health. I’m very pro things that avoid bowel cancer. I’m not sure there’s much we can do but I at least want to try. After all, I don’t smoke, I’ve not eaten red meat - including pork products for 24 years and I was fairly active and healthy and yet I ended up with bowel cancer. And now add to the mix that I don’t drink alcohol and I should live forever. (If only it worked like that). 

Good Friday came and we had the most glorious day with Matt, Kim and the twins in the garden, chilling out and you guessed it...eating. Hahahahaha 


Top from TK Maxx, Trousers from Tesco, Shoes from Hermes. 


The weather was amazing this Easter. Such a rare treat to have 4 days off and all of them sunny and warm. 


And thanks to my Tesco clothing bargains I’ve been comfortable too. 

Looking good is great but feeling comfortable and allowing free flow of your stoma is heavenly.  


The girls loved water play. Roll on summer, please be a good one. 


The heart shaped bowls are from Sainsbury’s, I saw some in The White Company that were gorgeous but quite pricey, and to be honest we’re a smashing family, in the literal sense that is. Can’t trust any of us with the good china hahahahaha. 

So my liking for inspiration from places but finding it cheaper elsewhere isn’t just on clothing.   ;) 

What better way to spend a bank holiday than with good friends, eating good food, drinking ice cold alcohol free beers in the sun. Heaven. 

What better way to spend a bank holiday than with good friends, eating good food, drinking ice cold alcohol free beers in the sun. Heaven. 

Some of us indulged in the Easter fair more than others. Hahahahaha 


Then Saturday Chris, Ben, Kaitlyn and I headed up to London for a day of culture and shopping and oh, yes, that’s right food!!!  


Top from Sandro, Skirt from Floryday, Bag from Jimmy Choo, Shoes from Ferragamo.  


This skirt is my second attempt at copying the Ralph Lauren one. I found it on an Instagram ad, having never bought anything from Instagram ads before I was a little concerned that a, it wouldn’t ever turn up and b, if it did indeed arrive that it would be rotten. But I’m pleasantly surprised, it’s exactly what I was looking for. And for £24 instead of £345 I think it’s bargain.   

They had it in loads of colours too, so I might even risk buying another one.  


I think it’s safe to say The Tate Modern is not for me. It does nothing for me. I’m completely indifferent to it. I tried my best but it’s not to my taste. 

That said the view from the 10th floor viewing platform is incredible. And well worth a visit.   

From the Tate Modern we went to Borough market, an ideal place to visit when you’ve decided to try and lose weight.  

Borough market is a food market like no other that   I’ve been to. It’s rammed with people but unlike street food markets I’ve visited abroad I would and actually do eat from the stalls here. Hahahahaha 

I eat vegetarian so I feel comfortable partaking. 


It’s so busy but so worth the effort. You can find anything here. 


Having indulged in an amazing falafel wrap I went off to pursue an ice cream milkshake, so much so I forgot to pick up some fudge, there’s really good fudge there. 


We continued our London trip with afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, quite honestly I’m struggling to understand how I’ve got so overweight! ;) 

We did bit of window/shoe shopping down Old and New Bond Street. 

All finished off with a trip to The Ned for cocktails and dinner....for the love of god!! Hahahahaha 


Virgin cocktails were probably ill advised, as they’re full of sugar but they were really lovely.  


The Ned is super trendy at the moment so it was worth a try, none of us had ever been. The food we had was amazing, there’s 4 restaurants to choose from, we went to Millie’s. 

Sunday was spent digesting the previous days food, hahahahaha, if only that were true. Ben invited his mates round for a bbq and a giant slip and slide in the garden, A brilliant idea as Ben is still nursing a broken collar bone, but he came up with ways of getting round further damage. 

Chris and I went out for a drive on Monday, it was such a lovely day. I could really get used to warm sunny days.  


Top from Tory Burch, Trousers from Tesco, Shoes from Manolo Blahnik


After a drive out in the sun, in the beautiful English countryside (seriously, when the sun shines here it takes some beating), a fantastic pub lunch (salad, I’m getting there) all followed off with an evening chilling and watching the very sweet, new Mary Poppins film. I can’t think of a better Easter break I’ve had in years. 

Would have been wonderful to see Sam, Milly and baby Zak but that treat will have to wait till next weekend.  

*Just want to make it clear, I’m not a totally lazy, spoilt princess, I do do some things even if filling my car with petrol isn’t one of them. 

I cut the grass and put the bins out, and plenty of other chores considered to be “blue” jobs. Hahahahaha