Oh happy day...

The weekend has passed in a blur, a happy, manic joyous blur.  

Our son and his family came up to stay the weekend on Thursday. Oh what a joy it is to have your precious child and his family come and stay.  

It was baby Zachary’s first visit to Essex, he’s a Hampshire boy, with an honoury Essex boy status. 

It was such a pleasure to have Milly and Sam here too, I heard his laughter in the house a few times and realised how desperately quiet the house has been without his laughter filling it. It really was a joy to have them here, even if it was for a short stay. 


Dress from Tesco, Shoes from Russell and Bromley. 

This dress is absolutely fantastic, it’s made of a really fine cotton that feels like silk, it’s the most perfect summer dress, perfect for bagged and unbagged alike, and all ages too. It hangs well, floats and flips beautifully in the breeze and I believe it looks far more expensive than the £25 price tag, and you get your Clubcard points remember. ;) 

I know Tesco will be thankful for the 2 extra sales of this dress that I’m responsible for, my mum and a friend have both bought it because they saw it on me and another has her eye on one too! Hahahahaha, I’m sure that will impact sales no end hahahahaha.  


It’s best accessorised with baby Zachary. ;)   


My children made me whole and baby Zak has made me complete.


Then came a very special day on Friday last week. Chris and I were honoured to be invited to a dear friend’s wedding.  

Gina is my bestie Michelle’s sister, I’ve known Michelle 22 years and Gina not much shy of that.  

In all those years I’ve never known her to have her Prince Charming. She is such an amazing person that she really deserved the best. And then along came Paul and the rest as they say is history. 

Gina was telling Chris about the time she first met me. Michelle was having a bbq and invited family and friends.  

Gina, had been told to be on her best behaviour etc...and then I walk in open my mouth and basically an Essex version of Roy Chubby Brown spewed forth and Gina knew instantly we’d get along like a house on fire. Hahahahaha  

Anyway we’ve waited an age for Gina to meet Mr Right and now she has.  

The wedding was so special, it felt an absolute privilege to be there with the intimate crowd gathered.   

Gina looked absolutely stunning. The perfect blushing bride. Michelle and all of Gina’s best friends were bridesmaids which was so lovely.  

It was the perfect day and I wanted a perfect frock to wear to it.  


Oh wouldn’t it be heaven to wear this as a dress!? The days of skin tight, form fitting dresses went when my colostomy operation happened.

Silk, form fitting and belts had to be abandoned. But it’s no biggie as there’s so many more frocks to buy you don’t need to be down about what you can’t wear.  


Dress Mint Velvet, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from Aspinal of London. 

The navy blue slip is simply the under dress of this little chiffon beauty! I bought it in the sale in Gun wharf quay the other weekend. 

I love how the bag and shoes go so well with it could have been all made for each other. They weren’t of course, they’ve been bought separately over a number of years just waiting to fulfil their destiny. ;) 


Look at that devil dog in the background :)  


The Bride and Groom!  


Gina looked spectacular! She really nailed the more mature bride look (...no, Gina I’m not saying you’re old, just maturer than the average bride hahahahaha...but far more glorious!) 


She also nailed to perfection the Spring theme. It looked incredible. 


Gina has single handely raised her own 4 incredible children (pictured above) as well as countless foster children too, some with special needs. Like I said she’s an amazing woman. 


I often get confused for Gina’s daughter Lucie, we’re so alike! Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha...god I wish! I wouldn’t mind looking like any of Gina’s kids to be honest...with the exception of probably Rob. Hahahahaha 

Gina not only raised hard working, ambitious kids they’re all utterly stunning too!  


Me with Michelle’s daughter Elle, we sat next to each other in the church service and it was an absolute pleasure as we enjoyed it together. 


Me with my darling Michelle. xx  


The reception was held in one of the most spectacular and unusual settings I’ve ever been to for a wedding before. It’s a very old decommissioned church, (Michelle was christened here, probably about the time the church first opened hahahahahahah). I have never seen such an incredible stained glass window in my life before either, it was breath taking. 

It was such a wonderful setting and Gina didn’t disappoint when it came to putting on the entertainment. 

This may be hard for any of you to believe but I’m a total wallflower when it comes to dancing. I may well be the gobbiest wallflower you’ve ever met but that’s just who I am, Suzie Don’t Dance. 

And because I don’t dance I can feel pretty left out on occasions like this. (even though it’s only my own self stopping me). 

(I said to my friend that I don’t dance and she queried “don’t or CAN’T?” Well one has led the the other in all honesty, so I sit the fun bit out usually).  

Well the singer that Gina booked was having none of that, not that he made anyone feel forced or uncomfortable but he had us all up doing the Conga. (Although it has been pointed out the Conga isn’t a dance) that as it maybe be but I felt included and I had a blast doing it! It felt very uplifting, although some of that may well have been the beautiful setting. 

I have never Conga-ed at 4 in the afternoon before and I have never Conga-ed sober before but I highly recommend both!! It was hilarious.


It really was an absolute blinder of a day.  I’d like to take the opportunity to wish the newly Mr and Mrs-ed Ryan the most wonderful and happiest happily ever after...

I got home from the wedding and Chris just happened to mention how nice the back of the dress was. I didn’t know till he took this photo and showed me that it had a key hole design at the back. It is indeed a very nice feature. Hahahahaha   

I got home from the wedding and Chris just happened to mention how nice the back of the dress was. I didn’t know till he took this photo and showed me that it had a key hole design at the back. It is indeed a very nice feature. Hahahahaha   

Then back home for another very special day on Saturday. 

Zachary’s first curry club brunch. We have a group of friends that get together for food mainly, but for laughter and love but mainly it’s the food drawing us in. Hahahahaha 


Class of 2019


And as for nailing a look goes I think we can all agree that Kim and I have spectacularly managed to nail the “school photo with older sibling look”. Hahahahaha  


Zak had a wonderful time meeting his extended “family”.  



Even if not everyone was particularly bothered by his presence, they enjoyed using his presents. Hahahahaha  


Look at that boy! He melts me. It was a brilliant day of food and love. Wayyyyy too much food in my case. Yep, I’ve done it again. I’ve eaten too much and drunk too little and now I’m paying the price.  

Not just with constipation this time, it’s now with added vertigo (a left over from severe labyrinthitis that I had a couple of year ago).  If I get very dehydrated it comes back with a vengeance. 

Keep hydrated kids! Hahahahaha  

Sunday was yet another wonderful day. It’s been a pretty full on weekend all in all.  

My mum and dad came over to see Zak. 

It was lovely to get some photos of all 4 generations together.  


My mum and dad with their baby, me with my baby, and him with his baby.

Notice how Sam and I are dressed alike...he insisted upon it! Hahahahaha Can’t wait for him to read that bit. Hahahahaha 


I dressed super casual for Sunday. As much as I love getting dolled up I can’t really be bothered every day. So this one felt like a jeans and a T shirt kind of day. Chris said he thought I looked amazing...that’s why I love that fella! Dress down Sunday and he still thinks I look good. :) 

After Sam, Milly and Zak headed off home, it takes them a good 3 and a half to 4 hours to get back as Zak needs a change and a feed mid way.  

It really broke my heart to see them go. The house seems empty and so quiet. Not that Zak makes any noise. He’s the most chilled baby I’ve ever met.  

The rest of us headed out for a Sunday roast, where I preceded to eat far more than I needed to and still drink far less than I desperately required.  

Literally my own worst enemy....who’ll be in need an enema at this rate. :O

How difficult is it to remember to stay hydrated... well, very as it turns out.  


Top from TK Max, Trousers from Tesco, Shoes from Hermes.

Monday morning has been an uncomfortable start to the week, what with self induced gut ache and vertigo I’ve had better starts.   ;) 

Today is a no hair wash day. A slobbing day. a cosy  day. These trousers are exactly what I needed. Soft, T shirt fabric is perfect to salve a very angry painful belly. 

I would say I’m going to have a very chilled week but that’s not what the diary says. :)  


* just as an FYI. No, I don’t bleach my teeth, that’s just the colour of them, no, I’ve never had Botox or fillers. My face is smooth because it’s full of cake and fat. Hahahahaha. Basically Greggs is my Botox. 

The only thing fake or plastic on me is my colostomy bag. I’m fully biodegradable other than that. :) 


*For those overseas Greggs is a low budget bakers that sell the most delicious vegan sausage rolls and cakes (doubt they are vegan but they are bloody irresistible).