A dream come true...

Here I sit in our beautiful rooms in a hotel I have been desperate to come to for the last 24 years. And I can absolutely, 100% say it's been worth the wait, I'm so happy and so grateful. It's Sunday morning and I'm awake early while Chris is still snoozing. I'm sitting in our suite watching a storm rage outside and I don't think I've ever felt so happy to watch rain in all my life. 

The hotel is an absolutely gorgeous Art Deco treasure in Devon. It is without doubt one of the most glorious, intensely relaxing weekends we've ever had.  

There are many reasons why, but mostly it's because we're on a little island (a part time island actually, it's joined to the mainland by a sand bar that's accessible during low tide, but we'll get back to that later), in a no mobile phone signal area (heaven, absolute heaven) and the wifi is minimal (not as awful as it sounds, limited access to the outside world is actually more stress relieving than you could possibly imagine). 

The hotel is stunning, if you love Art Deco as I do you'll be blown away by its splendour and touched by its determination to celebrate a bygone age.  

You'll find no key cards here, only keys, you'll find no televisions in your suite, and you can make phone calls should you wish to on a bakelite phone next to the bed.

Every aspect has been painstakingly put back together to be as authentic as possible. And the result is stunning as it is restorative.  

I can't recall where or how I first heard about Burgh Island Hotel but I know I was about 19 or 20. And I've wanted to come ever since. As the saying goes - anything worth having is worth waiting for and never has that been truer than for me this weekend.  

So to finally be here is a dream come true. It's not far short of magical.  

It's so beautifully old fashioned. Everything is of it's day, from the hotel itself to the furniture, to the music being played, and the best part - dressing for dinner! Where can you go in this world these days where black tie is required for your evening meal? Cruises maybe but as I get seasick in the bath it's not likely I'd ever go on one. :)

The rule at Burgh Island hotel is that you can never be overdressed. So I decided to go for long gowns instead of short cocktail dresses. It's very rare I can find long dresses that fit me length wise as I'm such a shortie. :)  

I love both of the dresses I chose. I feel very glamourous in them, especially so here where they are in keeping with guests of yesteryear.  

The hotel was built in 1932 and everyone who was anyone of the day came to stay, Agatha Christie, Noel Coward, Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson to name but a few. 

Agatha Christie wrote the book Evil under the sun here, and in 2000 ITV filmed Poirot here, the only one of her novels to be written, set and filmed in the same location.  

Deciding what to wear for this trip was actually easy really, I just decided on comfort and style of my choosing. I wasn't coming here to role play and dress up, although there is a couple staying here in dressed in period, vintage clothing and although they look wonderful, I was staying in 2017 so I dressed for today whilst enjoying the wonder of its heyday.   

For the drive down I chose a very cosy baggy top and skinny jeans which I undid for travelling, remembering to do them back up for stopping at the services and an albeit short but impromptu shopping trip whilst avoiding a traffic jam on the M5. I bought some gorgeous boots but that's for another day. :)  

Once on the island we quickly realised that this hotel is something special. It's absolutely wonderful. 

Friday night I wore my long, green evening gown, I've worn it before with gold accessories but chose to wear it with silver, (after cutting off an attached gold broach thing).

Saturday I think I had 2 or 3 changes of clothes not including dressing for dinner. I misjudged the temperature out so I dressed in jeans and a T shirt to start with, then into a summery dress then back into jeans and a jumper for a stroll around the island (all 8 minutes of it, it's a very small island, small but perfectly formed) later in the afternoon. Then back to shower and change for dinner.

Luckily I didn't pack light, and brought plenty of choice.  

We had such a heavenly day yesterday, the tide was low so we took a stroll back to our car parked on the mainland to swap some bits over, we then bought a book about Burgh Island called The Great White Palace in the little beach shop in Bigbury on Sea and then stopped at The RNLI little beach stand (seems only right to support this charity as Sam is a sailor, so hopefully by supporting them Sam won't ever need them,  good kharma and all that). 

Part of the sponsoring package meant you could choose a gift, I chose a kite. Do you know what I can't think that I've ever flown one. Well I have now!! Rather expertly I might add! Hahahahahah... after 10 minutes of looking up at it I decided kites weren't for me after all and gave it to two little girls who were playing on the beach. :) 

Then it was back to the hotel to read. What an absolute joy. Chris bless him had hours of uninterrupted blissful reading, mind you it's usually me that interrupts his book worming by coming up with things to do around the house that are in desperate need of being attended to! :)  

What better way to spend the afternoon than having a Devonshire cream tea,  I can indulge in a cream tea no matter where I am but to be eating proper clotted Devon cream on warm scones on an island off the coast of Devon...heav-ennnn! 

Saturday night I chose my midnight blue splarky, long evening dress. Again I went with silver accessories....oh and a whopping pair of ultra tight Spanx!! I'm so fat at the moment I think I'm going to have to start sleeping in them! Hahahahahah. 

To wear Spanx with a stoma is easy, simply cut a hole for your bag to come through, you still get the holding in of excess wobbles should you need it but your bag will have free flow.  

This morning I shall wear a pair of skinny jeans and a thin jumper. I must get in the shower and get ready to come home but I really am loath to leave this magical island.  

Ironically it's taken me 24 years to get Chris to bring me here and yesterday he said "I think we should make this an annual trip!" Not that I'm complaining I'd come back next weekend if I could!  

Devon bound. Top from Zara, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tods, Dog all mine.

Devon bound. Top from Zara, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tods, Dog all mine.


Dress from Phase Eight, Shoes and Bag from Jimmy Choo



Top from Holister, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tods



Showing Chris how it's done. :)  

Dress from Micheal Kors   



Dress from Fenn Wright and Manson  



Top from Hobbs, Jeans from Topshop, shoes from Tods



And just how do you get to a hotel that's cut off by the tide?....why by sea tractor of course! 



Built for hotel access in the 1930's the Mark 3 sea tractor still runs daily.  

If you love Art Deco, coming to Burgh Island is very very special. There's nothing really like it, I think converting Eltham Palace into a hotel would be its closest rival. 

Till next time Burgh Island...