Monday Funday...

We had a glorious bank holiday, both in weather and activity. I always manage to have fun. 

I was asked recently by a new ostomite how I'm so happy and content with having a stoma. It's not a question I can easily answer except to say this is me, this is my normal, it's a new normal yes, but normal it is.

It doesn't define me, I can't imagine anyone would refer to me as 'Sue with the stoma'.  It's not who I am it's just something I have, like if you needed insulin, or asthma inhalers. I see needing a stoma no different to any other medical intervention. 

Some people might find it gross or dirrrrrrty, and to those people I'd say close the door on your way out! hahahahahah, only positive vibes in this life thank you.   :)  


Saturday Chris and I spent the day finalising our kitchen plans, as dull as that may seem I've waited 10 years of living here to get a new kitchen, the one I had was fitted when the house was converted from a school in 1978, so as you can imagine it was in desperate need of a new one. I'm incredibly excited..I still can't cook and a new kitchen won't change that but by god that slow cooker is going to look a treat on the shiney new work surfaces! ;)

On Sunday, Chris, Ben and I headed to London for the day, having forgotten Notting Hill Carnival was on it probably wasn't our best plan to drive in but you live and learn. It was fine once we were in central London. And the calming effect of having my car near by should I need to change my bag is heaven. It means I can really relax and enjoy the day.   

I've been getting belly aches for a while now so I try and wear dresses as often as possible, just to keep my stoma free flowing and ultimately happier. It has made a slight improvement. 


Dress from The White Company, Shoes and bag Valentino Rockstuds. 



Being comfortable is important for the most part clothing wise, shoes however I'm willing to suffer for my art hahahahahah.  

In fairness these ones are perfectly comfy.  

This dress is so comfortable. Airy enough to keep you cool and roomy enough for my stoma to flow.  

Monday was just fantastic. It was the 24th anniversary of the day Chris and I met and instantly started dating. What can I say, it was love at first sight. And thankfully love for the long haul too, as nauseating as it may be, he is my hero, best friend and double act partner. :)  

I'm not sure I'd feel so positive and empowered if it wasn't for him, he's held my hand and my hair back when required all these blissful years. He's a bloody saint to put up with me really hahahahahahah. 


Monday morning Chris and I headed off in his car for a drive out and a celebratory bite of breakfast. He found a gorgeous café recently. A great find. A treat for my taste buds but not a help to my waistline. Which please don't think I haven't noticed it's expansion of late. I'm not sure what my best asset is but willpower it ain't!! ;) 


Top from Ralph Lauren, shorts from Next, bag from Valentino, Shoes from Manolo Blahnik. 


Monday afternoon was spent at Matt and Kim's for a BBQ with all the shock that it involved copious amounts of food. Matt is a very good BBQ chef - unfortunetly hahahahahahah. 

I had a wonderful time cuddling the twins all afternoon. They are such treasures. 12 weeks old now and sleeping through the night, they are model children. 

The diet starts today...