Merci Oncovia...

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted  by a representative from a company called Oncovia and asked if I would like to be involved with some sort of collaboration with them, either through a guest blog or interview. It's a French company that has recently launched here in the UK too.

Via their website they sell a whole range of products for people either going through cancer treatment, after treatment or come to that anyone that wants to use products that are kinder to your skin.

They sell a wide range of natural, organic products for very sensitive skin from lotions to lipsticks and nail varnishes, as well as products adapted for cancer patients - wigs, mastectomy lingerie, breast forms etc.

I'm very honoured to have been asked to contribute in some way. I enjoy spreading the positivity I feel towards my situation. If it helps just one person through a tricky time I'm happy. 

As a thank you, the lovely Brianna from Oncovia sent me a little gift pack, which I was very touched by. I haven't used all the products yet but I did pamper myself with the very enriching hair mask this morning, it feels amazing now. My hair is possibly dryer from previous chemo but this far down the line it's more likely to do with the fact I colour it (shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I'm not a natural blonde ;) ).

I also used the mascara this morning and I can honestly say it's far better than a very expensive one I bought from CD a couple of weeks ago. It goes on smooth and covers well with no lumping or clumping. 

I look forward to sharing my stoma story on this website in the near future. 

I'd Just like to thank Brianna for the gift set, there was no need to send it as I'm always happy to help in any way I can but I'm very grateful nonetheless.