From day to night to day again...

Chris and I are just back from a long weekend in Gdansk, Poland. We had a blast as always, if you've never been to Poland I thoroughly recommend it. It's a beautiful country, breath takingly so. We've only just started visiting in the last three years. But we're addicted and try to go at least once a year. 

I did my usual checking the weather forecast for what to pack, but what I didn't factor in was how I'd be feeling. I'm stunned at my own stupidly really. I did manage to pack all my colostomy needs, even though we were travelling hand luggage only. Depending on what airline you choose you can take two bags which really does make taking enough supplies really easy. I don't use pre cut bags, but my colostomy scissors are flight legal. They did get picked up by the airport X-ray machine but the security staff simply check the length and return them, there's no need to fret about things like that. The staff are usually very calm and professional. 

The weather forecast wasn't looking too great. A mixed bag of sunshine and showers, which isn't a problem as long as you pack for it. I packed only skinny jeans, tops and a rain coat. All perfectly fine you'd think.  

But what I didn't take into account was the fact I'd been having some bowel spasms. Meaning I had a terrible tummy ache. If I get stressed it generally goes to my guts, not uncommon I'm sure you'd agree. We'd been having a few weeks and months of severe stress, on top of which I hate flying, I know I fly a lot for someone that hates it but I'm terrified of flying, I do it because I refuse to sit back and watch life pass me by. Before I was diagnosed with cancer I refused to fly anywhere, for 8 years we missed out on trips abroad because of it. But surviving cancer reset my brain in many positive ways and overcoming my fear of flying was one of them. Technically I haven't overcome it as such, it's still there but I refuse to let it have power over me now.  

All was well on day one as I wore a loose fitting dress to fly in, but by that evening I couldn't face putting my jeans on with the belly ache and bloating, so I merely dressed the outfit up with a pair of stilettos and I was good to go. Day two however I had to wear my skinny jeans, although they were literally the last thing in the world I wanted to slip on. The tightness of the jeans on my belly made my constipation and tummy ache much worse. 

By morning three I couldn't bear to put any form of trouser on, so I had to root through the dirty washing bag and iron the loose fitting dress from day one.  

There's nothing glamorous about wearing a dirty outfit but let's face it, it's a first world problem ;)  and amazingly for me I hadn't actually spilt anything down myself, so with an iron over it and I was good to go. 

To avoid situations like this in future, all I need to do is pack at the very least 1 spare dress and try to remember that although I feel ok in that moment of packing I need to just think of what ifs!! 

In spite of my foolhardy packing and my tummy ache we had a wonderful time. We go to visit dear friends of ours who never fail to take us somewhere new and exciting.

I absolutely can't wait till next years visit too, Chris promised, in front of witnesses to take me to the most beautiful hotel in Sopot (a spectacularly stunning seaside resort a few miles from Gdansk). It's absolutely gorgeous! We went for drinks this time and sat out on the lawns. We had a lovely hotel this time too but it's very exciting to know we'll be staying in Sopot next time.  

The Grand Hotel in Sopot is the perfect spot for relaxing and people watching.  

The Grand Hotel in Sopot is the perfect spot for relaxing and people watching.  


Drinks at The Grand. Virgin Seabreezes all round. 

My outfit Jacket from Moncler, Top from Phase Eight, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tory Burch.  

My outfit Jacket from Moncler, Top from Phase Eight, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tory Burch.  

Me and my beautiful friend Dorota. I love flying over to catch up with her and her family. 

The photo above was taken at an old factory which is now a super cool street food area with live music. It was full to the brim with very cool young people...we fitted in a treat! :) 


Dress from The White Company, shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo

from day to night to day again...hahahahahah  



Dress as above, Shoes Pigalle 100 from Christian Louboutin.



The beautiful Olive Park in Sopot was a new addition to our itinerary. Absolutely stunning and delicious pierogi in the restaurant on the grounds too!