All white on the night...

White is a no no for a lot of ostomy wearers. White is an unforgiving colour for most people but for those of us that carry our poo attatched our tummies white is most definitely a mountain to climb. 

I'm a habitual spiller, I always have been, from food and drinks to bleach and soil. I can step out of my dressing room, look down and find I've got something down me already.  

Therefore braving (yes, I'm going with the rather dramatic -  "braving"...and why not, it's my blog after all) pale colours is a bold (again with the dramatic adjectives) step for me and white is the boldest colour of them all.


Dress from Sainsbury's, Shoes from Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses from Jimmy Choo


 This dress is so feminine. It was slightly see through though, but I easily fixed that with a petticoat underneath it. It smoothed the outline of my bag perfectly.  


Forgive the state of my near naked body in this gratuitous photo but I really am so happy with the bra I wanted to share it with you! 

My friend Emma recommended it to me. I was exceptionally dubious about it due to its provenance. But Emma assured me she had thought the same until she tried it for herself and now she's hooked.  ;)

My bra's usually cost me a fortune. But this little beauty cost the grand total of five pounds!! Yes 5!!! It's from Primark. Not only was it ridiculously cheap it really really does the job. Strapless bra's are a mine field when you're a larger lady. But this one felt nice, comfortable even, held me in place and has opened up a whole new genre of dresses for me. Strapless here I come! 


I absolutely love this dress. I bought it before I had found a bra to wear under it, that's how much I wanted it. Worst case I was just going to put my normal bra on and pull the straps down. :)  

Maybe it's the colour or possibly the style, I've got to be honest I felt like a million dollars in in, despite its £26 price tag and inspite of my recent weight gain. I'm just hoping the heat wave back home returns and I can get more wear out of it.  



Another top tip, I'm full of them today aren't I!  Chris and I like a once a day sun cream, we were using one but it's very very fumey and feels like you're wearing a wet suit all day and it also destroys fabrics with terrible staining. This holiday we tried a sun cream recommended by my friend Di. It's far less fumey, much less staining and feels light and barely there on. 



These two are mine. Totally recommend both. I think they're great products. (No, I'm not working for ultrasun now, I genuinely just liked them and thought I'd share as Di did with me). 

The glimmer is super cute, perfect for ladies everywhere but espcially any young ladies heading out on 'lass, lass, lass' sun shine holidays this summer, sun protection with a hint of sparkle, perfect for Marbs! And the tinted face one is perfect for evening out skin tone and sun protection too, such a bonus. I take precautions when sun bathing, there's no point in surviving one form of cancer to head straight on into another. 

Chris used the Sports version which feels nice on too, low staining and waterproof.  Perfect everyone. 


Loving my shimmery, sun kissed legs, might just start wearing it in general, rain or shine.  

I attempted to tan as much as me as possible. I sourced the smallest bags I could find. They were only practical up until lunch time most days though as we were having four course lunches (we've been going to our house in Spain for 18 years now but we've only just tried Menu del dia!). Amazing meals, all topped off with a trip to my favourite ice cream parlour. As you can imagine a tiny bag wasn't going to cut it! ;)

Was I  bikini body ready?....errrrrm, in so much as I own both a body and a bikini. I'm not terribly bothered that it's not the best body on the beach, it wasn't when I was 24 so it's unlikely going to be a 44! 

But what I do take pride in is my body's fantastic ability to heal and keep me safe still. It doesn't have to be THE best, but it's the best one I've got, so I'm content.  :)

With the holiday over we headed home. Due to a mistake with the booking we came home a day earlier than necessary, so we decided to meet up with the gang for a Sunday roast. 



Top from Hollister (£9 from Freeport, Braintree) a great T shirt really cosy and such a great price, I bought quite a few, Jeans Joni's from Topshop, Shoes from Carvela.

These jeans are spot on for eating in. Ok so white might be a mistake but they do them in other colours. So comfortable to eat in. And simply unzip the fly for added poo room.  


A gorgeous lunch with this gorgeous lot and two exceptionally gorgeous babies!!