Six boils and an abscess..., this isn't the working title of a new Richard Curtis film, this is simply my life for the last 8 months. So here I am back in Spain for some much needed R&R, sunshine and salad.  :)

I have no idea what is going on with my body, I'm not sure if it's to do with my severe B12 deficiency, a long lasting leftover of Labrynthitis...or just my body's reaction to lack of alcohol. I've not touched a drop since September last year. It could be it's sent my whole body into shock hahahahahahahahah.

On paper I sound super healthy I'm a tea total, semi vegetarian, yoga student and reflexology like I said on paper I should be skipping round without a care in the world, in all fairness in general that's exactly what I'm like,  I just need to get these pesky boils under control, and a top up of sun and fun will give me just that. :)

I travelled hand luggage only again but I was still able to bring everything I need and more. Let's face it, you doesn't need to bring much when it's 32 degrees. Maybe I should have entitled this blog six bikinis and a sarong?

My stoma supplies are the most important part of packing for any holiday. A check list is always helpful, if I remember to check the check list! Even this far down the line. I have often forgotten to pack some must have item. Scissors and nappy sacks are easy enough to source but where on earth would I get adhesive removal spray?

Top from Tory Burch, Jean's from Topshop, Shoes from Tory Burch

In flight mode. I wore my trusty Joni's for this flight. Much as I've always sung the praises of the Eden jeggings from Dorothy Perkins I have found the Joni Jeans from Topshop even more user friendly. Having the zip fly is an absolute god send. Once seated on the flight, rather than pull my bag over the waistband I now just unzip my fly, giving me a little more poo room and breathing space. It just makes life a little more comfortable, they work a treat for meals out too.


The weather here in Spain is absolutely glorious, weirdly it's similar temperatures back home too. Which is nice, long may that last as we've got a few work functions coming up when we get back home.


Trying to get a bag to stick can be rather tricky in high temperatures. In the U.K. hot weather can be very humid. Keeping cool is vital for strong adhesion. In our house in Spain we have air con to assist in this but in the U.K. We don't. So I run the last part of my shower cool to reduce body temp, keeping all windows and doors open to allow good air flow and a fan helps. 


Top from Hollister, Skirt from Michael Kors, Shoes from Ralph Lauren. 

Our car was parked close by Monday night for dinner which meant I didn't have to carry all my colostomy stuff with me. Just a little clutch bag was enough - heaven!  

Every evening after dinner we walk to this little ice cream shop, we have done it for years now, I have the same flavour every time, so much so that when I walk in they automatically start my order - by the time I get to the counter it's waiting for me! It's like I'm Norm from Cheers! Hahahahahhah 


Bikini from Tesco, Tesco Finest I believe. :)  

Bikini from Tesco, Tesco Finest I believe. :)  

Enjoying the official first day of summer. Enjoying life.  


Dress from Tory Burch, Shoes from Jimmy Choo.

I love this dress! It's so comfy and easy. Dress it up for evening or with flats for day time.  



Dress/top from Miss Selfridge, Jeans Joni's from Topsop, Shoes from Jimmy Choo


great as a top...


...or as a dress if you're feeling daring. :)  

The boost of sunshine, paella and ice cream should be just what I need. Fingers crossed.





Fat, thin, short, tall - no matter what stay strong - stand proud you have survived.  

Fat, thin, short, tall - no matter what stay strong - stand proud you have survived.