Happy ever afters...

We had such a lovely weekend, ok the weather could have done with being better but you can't have everything. Storm Brian blew into town (where do they come up with these names?) and caused widespread bins blowing over etc. 

We attended the wedding of an old school friend of mine. It was absolutely beautiful, I've been to weddings in October before but never one where autumn played such an integral part in the look or feel of the day.  

What a brilliant idea to incorporate the season's colours into every aspect, the finished effect was gorgeous, a real feast for the senses, as indeed autumn is. And although I'm sure the bride would have been cursing the torrential rain, she can't have failed to be blown away by the incredibly stunning, vivid and perfectly timed rainbow that appeared just before she walked up the aisle. A rare treat that money just can't buy. 

The bride looked stunning, dressed to perfection. There's a perfect dress waiting for every bride. No matter what shape, size, age or style there is that dress out there that will turn you into a princess for the day. I wish we could wear them every day, and to be honest I'd marry Chris every day too, I've already married him twice, who knows, we might be able to squeeze another go in, there's still time! ;)  


I loved Wendy's theme, the flower colours were stunning, the autumn leaves cascading gown the cake was genius and gorgeous, and those LOVE lights were made by the groom himself, I rather fancy a set of them myself. :) 

I had hoped to lose a lot more weight than I managed to but I've got to be honest I just didn't put enough effort in, I rather like how I look, it's taken 44 years but I accept my body how it is. Yes, there's room for improvement but I'm happy, Chris is happy, what more can you ask for.  

We found this dress in Macy's in NYC, I wasn't feeling it, I was so hot and bothered and full of milkshakes, I couldn't really get into trying stuff on, but Chris encouraged me to give it a go, so I tried it on and he loved it, I still wasn't sure but he insisted we get it. 

Once we got home to the UK, cooler and with a few lb's off it felt like a million dollars which is bargain as it only cost a fraction of that! ;)  


Bolero jacket from Precis, Dress from Ralph Lauren in Macy's, Shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Clutch bag from Aspinal of London.  



This dress is perfect and is going to get a lot of wear, perfect for fancy dress occasions (I don't mean like Halloween, I mean dressy places). :) 

The Cream dress is stretchy, with stretchy under liner too. It's super clingy (which is pretty much a no no for ostomites, or at least this one, I would be far too self conscious of poo/bag showing through) but having the over layer in lace (which is also stretchy) was fantastic for disguising the outline of the bag and its contents. It felt good to have this style dress back on after many years of absence. I'm so glad Chris insisted we to buy it, it's a reminder that I should always push the boundaries of what I can wear.

I have a gorgeous cream dress coat which will be perfect with it for the races next year, I didn't feel cream was suitable to wear to someone's wedding though.  

I was honoured to be invited to their beautiful big day, and I'd like to wish Wendy and Andrew a wonderfully happy happily ever after, she really deserves it. xxx

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Way back when...year 5 or 6....you know, just a couple of years ago... or 35 to be more precise. :0


Sunday was spent shopping for bits and bobs for my new kitchen (notice me claiming it for myself, the irony that I can't cook is not lost on me) 

Chris and I took ourselves off for brunch, Sam was away volunteering with The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, Ben was in his pit, so Chris and I enjoyed a peaceful morning eating and shopping for pots and pans. New kitchen, new equipment...you have to wonder if he's hopeful the quality of my offerings will improve...bless, we can all live in hope! Hahahahahah   

It did tickle my fancy that I seem to have literally dressed as the season rather than for it! 


Jacket from Benetton, top from Next, Jeans from Topshop and boots from Penelope Chilvers.  

I love these new boots, I bought them on a quick and impromptu shopping trip on the way to Burgh Island Hotel a few weeks back. They were a bit of a squeeze as Chris's car has very limited storage space. But thankfully they fitted in the bonnet to perfection, had they not I'd have had to wear them as there was no way I was leaving them behind. They are so comfy and I love love love the colour, they scream autumn/Winter, well not scream maybe, they're far too lady like for that. Hahahahahah 

Its already shaping up to be a great week, I helped Kim out and babysat the girls for a bit while she went and got her nails done,it's the first time I've been home alone with them but if anyone deserves a break it's her, twins are hard work, really hard. I trained and worked as a nanny, I am a mummy but nothing prepares you for two demanding babies at once. 

I loved every minute of looking after them though, they are such treasures. They laughed, they cried, it's what babies do. I fed, changed and wrapped them up and took them for a walk, they didn't stop crying straight away but the noise of the crying is diluted by the great outdoors. I walked a lot with my first baby as he screamed 23 hours a day.  


I think you can tell by the look on Bel's face she isn't convinced it was a good idea to leave me in charge! Hahahahahahaha