Escape to the city...

We're in the process of some renovations here, some much needed and much longed for changes. We're lived here 11 years next month and since the day we moved in we knew the house desperately needed a new kitchen (the one we had went in when the house was converted from a school in 1979). But life got in the way, notably two diagnosis of cancer - our son Sam's and then mine, which had an extremely negative effect on our finances, from hidden costs of food, travel to appointments and other unexpected outgoings to blatant hedonism because you just don't know how life is going to turn out. Therefore new kitchens and other things got put on the back burner. 

So now, life has become calm and steady we are finally in a position to rejig the house.  

I'm finally getting the kitchen of my dreams, a bit odd as I'm a terrible cook but it'll be nice to serve beans on toast in such a beautiful space. Hahahahahah... 

I've been without a kitchen since the building work began in mid August. It's taking shape now and the kitchen was delivered on Friday. 

Chris got home and we excitedly looked at all the boxes and decided rather than stare longingly at them all weekend we'd treat ourselves to a weekend away.  

We chose Royal Garden Hotel, firstly because its stunning and secondly due to its location, it's right next door to Kensington Palace and gardens which are beautiful this time of year and really near by the museum district, which is beautiful any time of year. 

My favourite museum is The Natural History, if you've never been you should give it a go, it's free to enter and absolutely stunning inside and out. Perfect to take children but also lovely place to take a date...well, if you both approach museums in the same way that is. I plough through them just looking at pretty things that take my fancy, I have the attention span of a very small goldfish, my museum date this trip, namely Chris likes to read...and when I say read - I mean read ALL the plaques and info signs!! Although frustrating at times because I can get through a museum in a fraction of the time, it's handy in some ways as I just get him to give me a brief synopsis of the exhibits. Hahahahahah, I'm such a philistine. 

The science museum is just next door to the Natural History, Chris would have preferred that many signs to read in there believe me! I recall a visit many years ago where I actually slept on a bench in there. I only meant to shut my eyes for a second but I was woken up by Sam, Ben and Chris some time later after they had been off to partake in the interactive section. 

Anyway, back to the weekend at hand, we took ourselves off for Mocktails and brunch at Bluebird in Chelsea, we took a lovely slow walk there, bit of a trek but such a nice area it's nice to have a nose round. 


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Cardigan from Hobbs, Jeans - Joni's from Topshop and Shoes from Tods.

 It was a gorgeous weekend for a walk. Plus walking burns off a couple of calories which is handy when you intend to spend the weekend piling more in. 

We then headed over to Oxford street and Regents Street for a bit of shopping, I wasn't feeling the clothes, but Chris picked out some gorgeous bits which I probably would never have chosen but I absolutely love them. 

 Then later that evening back to the hotel where we dined at a Chinese restaurant on the 10th floor, over looking Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.  


Top from Micheal Kors, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Louboutin.   

You can't really see it clearly but this top is covered in self coloured, glittery spots. It's so pretty and delicate.


In Min Jiang. 

I did laugh after I got myself in a bit of a pickle. When eating I find it more comfortable to undo my jeans, it's not just a stoma thing I know loads of unbagged ladies that do it too. Anyway I had just intended to undo them a bit but my gut had other ideas and while I had been stuffing my face my flies had worked themselves the whole way was only when I went to discreetly do the button up that I discovered said uncovering. Thank god for Chris choosing this beautiful, flouncy top because there was no way they were going to be able to be done up discreetly or anything near it! Hahahahahah. Thankfully the lift was empty once we left the restaurant, mind you by that point there didn't seem much point to do them up only to take them off once we hit the room. 



The Natural History Museum is both beautiful to look around and to look at. It's so worth a visit. My advice is use the side entrance, the front can been painfully slow to get in.  

We got back home ready and refreshed for the kitchen fitting to begin Monday.  

Ben had the day off from work Monday  as he'd been to a concert Sunday night and decided he might need a lie in. Once he crawled from his pit I asked if he fancied doing anything and I jokingly suggested the zoo, which he jumped at the chance, which tickled my fancy because he drives now and could go any time he likes, but no way would I give up the opportunity to spend a day with one of my gorgeous boys, so off we headed to the zoo, picnic packed and ready for the day. 

Any trips where I know my car is parked near by I don't bother lugging my colostomy supplies around with me. It can get a bit tiresome having always to carry a bag, even for me with an obsession for bags. It's not the biggest problem in the world I agree it's just a bore sometimes. If needed to I could easily pop back to the car and use the loo's in the car park to change my bag in.  

We had such a great day. My favourite moment was in the Lemur enclosure where the zoo guide told us not to touch the animals as they are very timid...only for one to jump on Ben and not want to leave him! Priceless!! 



The zoo keeper was still telling us not to touch our new little friend...all while it clearly enjoyed the view from Ben's shoulder.