lets get physical

Any of my friends reading this will probably laugh themselves silly that I'm writing a sportswear blog. To say the least I'm not a natural sports woman, I never have been, at school I wasn't picked last for the team I simply wasn't picked at all! Not that I could blame them, I have no coordination, not a jot of sporting ability and zero inclination!

That said, having a stoma hasn't made any difference to being able to take part in any sports, and when occasionally the urge takes me, I've not had too  much of a problem with clothing holding me back. Until very recently my idea of exercise consisted of a brisk walk with the dogs, but after a particularly weight gaining holiday I joined a gym and have been merrily swimming 2 or 3 times a week (to give you an idea of my lack of sporting prowess, I have managed to injure one of my fingers through a poor swim action!).

Now and again I like to give something a go, I'm a mum to boys so I like to give stuff a try just so I get to join in with them.  As with any form of clothing I just have to think a bit smarter. Whilst kayaking for example I found my wet suit made my bag pancake, rather than buy a new wet suit (I'd use it so infrequently it didn't seem worth it) I use a pair of running leggings, admittedly not as warm as a wet suit would be but they are quick drying and comfy. 

The one thing that does make it a little tricky for me to take part in sport and activities apart from lack of ability is a hernia. Pesky little blighter but I just try and find a way round. A hernia belt would probably be handy but I've never got round to investing in one, so I use a pair of spanx with my trusty hole cut in them for added support. I use this for most activities just so I don't aggravate the hernia too much, not always a guarantee but as much as I despise sport I hate missing out on stuff more!

A lazy river is about as sporting as I'd prefer to get! For holidays I do wear bikini's but having recently taken up swimming at my local gym I wear a one piece costume and a very large bag. I find the filter covers work fairly well. I dry and dress at the pool but I come straight home for a shower and to change my bag. I find this more agreeable than changing the bag in a public space.

Kayaking is the one sport I make an exception for, I absolutely love it! My wet-suit was bought before I was diagnosed and I was A LOT slimmer then (not knowing you have advanced stage cancer does wonders for your waist line but I don't recommend it as a weight loss plan!) . I don't really kayak enough to go to the expense of buying a new wet suit so I improvise with running leggings and tops and on this particularly icy day a sweatshirt too!

Image-1 (1).jpg

Another activity I do love is clay pigeon shooting (no animals were harmed in the making of this hobby). I do have to be a bit careful though, not with the stoma but the strain of holding the gun does tend to anger my hernia, I therefore pull on those trusty Spanx with a bag hole cut in and fire away! Its not a total fix of the problem but its better than nothing.

So, its not a sport per se but it is proof that having a stoma can't stop you from doing things you want to do. The boys rather cruelly commented that I drive a kart like Miss Daisy! what can I tell you, I saw no appeal in driving like a maniac and face planting into rough gravel! Besides I can drive a real car, what would I want to drive round in circles in a tiny one for. Good fun though and I think they appreciated my effort.

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a total phony for adding golf to my sports section, I'm a horrible golfer! But I do very much enjoy thwacking a bag of balls at the driving range! Plus I thought the outfit was very cute!  

(RL top and Dorothy Perkins shorts)


As with anything in life, you don't know if you can until you try!