something for the weekend

What better way of show casing what you can wear than a day by day account. Last weekend was a busy one, no shock to those that know me that it revolved around socializing and food. What may come as a shock to them is that eating in public or at gatherings brings with it a certain amount of stress and anxiety for me. Food equals an active stoma and a noisy stoma too. I still find this embarrassing, but I never let that hold me back from a good go at the trough!

My weekend started with a lie in, we just bought a well over due new mattress so the lie in was compulsory! Anyway, once that was enjoyed it was time to meet up with friends for brunch. I chose trousers, which isn't always plain sailing as pancaking can occur but I  liked the outfit so I took my chances. My boldness paid off and I was rewarded with a full belly and no accidents. My car stocked full of colostomy supplies was parked near by in case of any mishaps.

Then Saturday night we went to a friend's daughters 21st birthday party, yet again I chose trousers (I'm living life on the edge as you can tell!). Once again it paid off , I loved the outfit, it was comfy and I felt it looked good too.

Sunday, the day of rest I wore my slobby tracky bottoms (I've never said they don't have any part to play in my wardrobe, just not as the main event!) ,cooked a roast and watch netflix with the fam. Can life be get better than that? well, two tubs of ice cream would have improved it no end but the summer is coming! 

TOP - Ralph Lauren, TROUSERS - Primark , SHOES - Gucci , MAC - Burberry. (with thanks to our recent ski holiday I'm rocking the brown face colourless feet look!)

TOP - Topshop, TROUSERS - Next,  SHOES - Manolo Blahnik