Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Or in this case - Could you, Would you, Should you?  When asked in reference to leather look trousers I think they're very valid questions. They're a tricky one for women of a certain age but life's for living, this is not a dress rehearsal people!

 If I want to wear something slightly out of my comfort zone then so be it. I may be in the minority on this one but I think you can make them work, both age and stoma wise. I truly believe you can strike the right balance of classy and sexy without the nasty old mutton dress as lamb label rearing its spite fuelled head. I think the same applies to leather or leather look skirts and dresses too, for me personally that's where I'd draw the line, I'm not going to be strutting around in leather hot pants any time soon, which I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief, saying that though if they work for you go for it! 

I have been round and sampled quite a few versions of these this season, having had great success with a pair from Next last year I wanted to add to that. I tried some in Topshop which were lovely but I just couldn't get the balance quite right with P/R (poo room) versus fit in the legs. Yesterday however I bought two pairs from Next's new season. Great fit on the legs and bum, stretchy enough at the tummy for P/R (more than likely I will pop the bag over the waist band when I'm at home as usual, or buy the size up. I really don't think you'd be disappointed with the look, even with the larger size.)

TOP LEFT Jeggings From Next, shoes from Chanel, BOTTOM LEFT  Jeggings from Next (details below). RIGHT Top from Dorothy Perkins , leggings Next, Boots from Barbour