Gladrags & Bags is launched

For a really long time now, I've been wanting to put some of my experience out there for people to use. Mostly I have found dressing with a colostomy an extreme case of trial and error. Thankfully I've had many highs along the way where outfits have surpassed my expectations but also some very unfortunate real lows, for example when my bag leaked in the Jimmy Choo department at Harvey Nic's, I could've just curled into a ball with the embarrassment and shame, I wanted the world to just swallow me up. Instead I picked myself up and dusted myself off, or in this case I dashed across town back to my car red faced for a quick change. Then straight back to Choo with my head held high to finish off my purchase - after all s*** happens, don't let that stop you!

Gladrags & Bags is about looking & feeling good whilst having to wear a colostomy bag, and I now know, many years on its possible and achievable.  

I don't belong to any stoma support groups, I've never felt any need, having a colostomy doesn't define me, it simply makes me think smarter when it comes to shopping and dressing. That being said I'm always up for new and inventive ways of hiding my bag and dressing without risk of leaks. Any tips and hacks would be gratefully received , email me via the contact info and I will add your hint attributed to you.