Blessings and greetings...

Chris and I had the pleasure of joining a dear friend of mine at her beautiful wedding blessing on Saturday. 

Lucy and Andy have been together for what seems like forever, it’s 10 years now but it seems like they’ve always been. They have two gorgeous sons and actually got married on the quiet late last year. But Saturday was the celebration blessing of their marriage. 

Lucy dreamed up such a beautiful day. It really was perfect.  

The only problem they had was they’d organised for a reception in the’d think you’d be safe in June but sadly the weather had other ideas, it rained pretty much solid for the preceding 9 days before their big day.  

It was forecast to rain throughout their chosen day but at the last minute the weather gods cast their magic and the day was for the most part dry and bright.  

It did hammer it down in the evening but it wasn’t a bother as everyone was pretty much ensconced in the bar or giant tipi by then..a great analogy for marriage really. Sometimes rain will fall but as long as you’re in the dry with the right person it doesn’t matter what the outside world is like. :)   

The weather in the lead up to the blessing had me in a spin over what to wear.  

Knowing that it was a reception on grass in marquees, and with a forecast of rotten weather meant some consideration had to be given to both outfit and shoes. 

I had a few dress options that would have meant I’d have needed black shoes, but the only all terrain shoes (and by that I mean wedges hahahahaha) are suede Manolo Blahniks, and I just couldn’t put those babies at risk of rain damage! 

So I went back to the drawing board (wardrobe) and re chose.  

I bought this dress last weekend on my trip to Bicester. I really love it. It’s great cross over in that you could wear it day or night and it would be spot on.  

Dress it up with wedges for on grass events or spiked heels for solid ground...stilettos are not the friend of grass events. The amount of times I’ve been to functions and seen poor, distraught women struggle, teetering around with sinking heels, I’ve seen a few tumbles caused by it too. The struggle is real people! Hahahahaha 

This dress can even be worn with trainers for the ultimate relaxed look. I took socks and trainers to Lucy and Andy’s wedding to change into at night.  

England gets a bit on the chilly side on even the nicest summer nights, but I went prepared, I was perfectly cosy with my warm and toasty, dry feet. 

I need warm, dry feet. As long as that’s taken care of I’m happy.  


Dress from Burberry, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from Burberry 


What I really loved about this dress is, it has all the trademarks of Burberry without the garishness of the full on, in your face Burberry-ness. 

Keep it classy ladies. Hahahahaha no one wants a repeat of the Daniela Westbrook circa 2002 extravaganza...hahahahaha 


That said, I am rather partial to a bit of Burberry, it’s a British staple and absolute classic. I just find less is more for some designers.   


Obviously the only person who really has to look cracking at a wedding is the bride herself. And Lucy did not disappoint! 

She showed me this dress a while back when she was trying to choose dresses and I instantly loved it for her.  

To my mind it’s the best wedding dress I’ve seen in a long time. She nailed it!  

As I said to her when I saw it, there are very few women in this world whose figure is spot on enough for it and as she, Luce is lucky enough to own one then she should absolutely go for it!  

The dress was amazing on and she looked spectacular! 

I was green with envy in fact, but only in a nice “oooh I wish I could” type way. She has a gorgeous figure. I could only dream of wearing a dress like that...and even in my dreams I’d look a hot mess in it! Hahahahaha  


Chris and I felt honoured to share this special day with the happy couple. It was lovely to catch up with Lucy’s mum Steph, who is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, she’s very special to me too as it was her company that made the ring Chris said I could design and have made when I was laying in my sick bed in hospital all those years ago. That boy knows how to motivate me to get well!! Hahahahaha. 

He put it on my finger 9 and a half years ago and I’ve never taken it off since.

I did for a while call it my Bowel Replacement Therapy ring but Chris asked me to stop referring to it in such graphic detail hahahahaha hahahahaha. He’s right though, it is far too beautiful and special for that. :) 

It was also great catching up with people at the school Lucy works at that I used to work at many moons ago.  

So I’d like to congratulate the already bride and groom on such a beautiful blessing day, and I wish you many more beautiful days ahead. xx


From the blessing to Greetings from Spain! 

I’m currently laying on my roof terrace baking my giant sized body in the sun.  

Although I have been working hard on my attempt to lose weight nothing much has happened...well, technically not true. So far this year I’ve lost 24lbs, but also so far this year I’ve gained 24lbs, so basically I’ve stayed the same as I started in January. It’s come as a great disappointment but I guess staying the same is better than gaining, so I’ll resentfully take it as a win! Hahahahaha 

I really am working hard on being kinder to myself and less judgmental.  ;) 

Holiday home bound, my friend Fay and I set off for the airport twice....on the first attempt we got half way to there and I realised I’d left my passport at home, so back we went to go get it.  

We finally get back to the airport, checked the board and it said our flight needed to proceed to the gate. I saw it said gate 34, but I just got Fay to check...just to be on the safe side.

She said, no it says 43!!  

I have dyslexia and dyscalculia and it’s not uncommon or unheard of for me to transpose numbers or letters, so I accepted I had made a mistake and went with Fay’s correction.  

I don’t know what made me recheck but I’m glad I did. As Fay had checked for the flight to Porto for reasons unknown...our gate was indeed 34 after all!  

We weren’t planning on going to Porto, which I believe is in Portugal, we were headed to Murcia in Spain! Well it’s an easy mistake to make, they do sound so incredibly similar!! Hahahahaha. The blind leading the blind springs to mind.  

Just want to state for the record. I AM NOT a strong independent woman!! Hahahahaha  

I totally need Chris to get me to places!!  Thankfully he’s joining us later this week to help escort us home! Hahahahaha 


Top from M&S, Trousers from Tesco, bag from Louis Vuitton, Shoes from Tory Burch. 


We arrived safe and sound, we picked up our hire car and I managed to drive from the airport to our house, I’m fairly impressed as it’s the first time I’ve driven from the new airport myself. Don’t get too congratulatory I have a SatNav, it’s not like I was navigating my way by the stars or anything! But still, it’s yet again a little win, they’re worth celebrating no matter how tiny. Hahahahaha 

We are having a really very chilled time. Fay is so easy to holiday with, she’s literally no trouble. :) 

Morning hikes, and rest of the day flat out on a sun bed. Just can’t understand why I weigh so much hahahahaha hahahahaha... 


Beach dress from Tesco, Shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. 


You can’t beat Tesco and Sainsbury’s for their beach wear. I’ve never had any trouble with the swim wear from there fading. 


Bikini from Sainsbury’s, Bag from NHS. 

Ok, so I’m a bit heavier than I’d prefer to be but it hasn’t and never will stop me wearing a bikini. Admittedly I don’t have the body of a 20 something Love Island contestant but there’s a very good reason for that…I’m not one, I’m a 46 year old grandma so I think I’m just fine. Besides there’re worse sights than me on the beaches of the world.  

I’m not ashamed of my body or my bag. I’m actually rather proud of it and why indeed not. It’s done me a great service up until now. :) 

Besides you can’t live well and be a stick insect I’ve discovered, and I really really like living well, I’m having a ball, and all of that is down to having a colostomy and being able to get on and love life!

Dress from Fransa, Shoes from Jaeger, Bag from LV.

Dress from Fransa, Shoes from Jaeger, Bag from LV.

Fay bought this cute little sundress in Next just before we came away. I will be going out and getting one once I get home.

Fay bought this cute little sundress in Next just before we came away. I will be going out and getting one once I get home.