Family is everything...

We had an amazing weekend, can’t fault it, (well Ben and Kaitlyn were away in Rome but other than that it was perfect) I certainly can’t stop smiling thinking about it!

Our son and his family came up to stay and our darling little grandson was an absolute angel the entire weekend.  

What really could be better than that? I’ve become one of those grandmas, try and avoid me if you can otherwise I’ll be scrolling through my baby photos for your perusal.  

Sam, Milly and baby Zak came up to stay from Friday to bank holiday Monday.  


12 weeks of wonderful smushiness  


I think without doubt Zak is my favourite dinner guest ever! 


 ...and having Sam home for a bit was wonderful  too. 


Sam and his little family live a fair way away, so time spent with them is desperately precious. 

Bed time kisses and morning snuggles...and that’s just with Sam! Hahahahaha 


Heaven on earth.....


Top from Jack Wills, Trousers from Michael Kors, Shoes from Michael Kors


I personally find pram pushing one of the most deeply satisfying feelings in the world. It’s probably why I was a Nanny for a career. 


We had a very active weekend at that. We decided to walk to our local town to see the flat that our youngest son has put a deposit on. 

It’s a fair walk for us, it was a 5 and a 1/2 mile round trip, for something like that I need clothes that aren’t going to let me down. The last thing I need is a bag leak half way along.   

These trousers from Michael Kors are perfect. They are super soft and super stretchy. With plenty of give in them for poo room.

Exactly what I need for the exercise but without having to resort to gym clothes. 


There should be only one person at risk of poo leaks and he’s lucky that he’s young enough for it to still be socially acceptable! Lucky boy! Make the most of it Zaky my love, it certainly gets more awkward the older you get. Hahahahaha 

It was a great walk, I could only push the pram on the way to town as on the way back it’s up hill the whole way. 

I risk setting my hernia off into having a hissy fit if I strain too much, and it’s actually been behaving itself lately since I slowly upped my fibre intake. The only down side I have noticed is I can’t seem to lose weight and get fibre in...I’m in a total dilemma, do I...

a, stay fat with healthy gut health or

b, lose weight and not have such healthy bowels? Help me!?!?! Seriously!!   


Anyway Saturday night I added to my fibre intake as we met our friends in Dishoom in Shoreditch for an incredible curry. 


Awwwww, my people...


Awwww, my food...


Cate, Me and Kim attempting to be cool in very cool Shoreditch...


Top from Oliver Bonas, Skirt from SilkFred, Bag from Gucci, Shoes from Chloé and my huge overly stuffed belly from Dishoom... 


The meal at Dishoom was fantastic! We ordered enough to feed the five thousand, we’re a greedy/hungry group. :) 

The location of the meal however was all Kim’s fault, she felt it would be easier to get to Shoreditch than it would be Covent Garden to the other branch.  

I agree it was easier to get to but oh my Lord Shoreditch is not for me. It’s full to the brim of super super cool hipsters, as I my dears am neither super cool or hip in anyway and nor do I yearn to be! Hahahahaha  

It’s way way out of my comfort zone, I like to dress nicely, and wear a bra. I noticed hipster boys have to sport a beard (in fairness if you saw me close up you’d think I was attempting this look) and I noticed hipster girls prefer to go braless, it’s not a look I’ve ever been able to achieve...and I’d say especially now I’m 46 ....gravity has been a cruel mistress over the years! :0

It was such a fun night back out with the gang though, they make my heart so happy. We used to get together weekly and now people have moved and lives have evolved it just doesn’t happen. I miss curry club nights at ours but I’m really happy everyone is loved up and moving forward. 

I knew I wasn’t going to dress to suit the area, I only ever dress to suit myself. But I needed an outfit I could eat plenty in and walk from the station in too. This skirt proved itself a few weeks ago so it seemed the perfect choice.  

It was a fabulous night and no leaks. :) I can’t ask for more than that really. 


Additional photography by JB, TM and KO. 

I miss our little gang, they’re the best, they bought me the most thoughtful birthday pressie too...a days fudge making!! You guyssss!! xxxx

As someone that can’t eat chocolate, as it exits me like poop through a goose my go to sweetie is fudge!  

I’m going to a fudge making class!! Can you imagine!?! The whole I can’t lose weight on fibre might be a moot point that week! :)  

Then came Sunday... 


...Sunday was spent at our local zoo, Chris and I used to take the boys there most weeks when they were little, we had Colchester zoo Goldcards which meant you could go as many times a year as you like, god I miss those days. 

In the name of nostalgia we bought Goldcards again this time too, so Chris and I can have romantic dates at the zoo as much as we like!  

Probably won’t spend the 7 hours we spent there on Sunday, as it nearly half killed us, we’re much much older this time round and it shows! Hahahahaha  


Zak somehow managed to sleep through all this commotion... 


Leonie (our pretend daughter) found out Sam and fam were coming for the weekend and came all the way down from Nottingham to spend time with them...and she loves the zoo too. :)  


Top from Jack Wills, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes  Yeezy’s.

I felt very bold when I was getting dressed for the zoo and decided to wear skinny jeans. Bearing in mind I’d consumed my body weight in lentils, chick peas and chole the night before I was being very brazen! Hahahahaha  

The car was parked close by for emergencies so I wasn’t particularly bothered by the thought of potential leaks and it’s a zoo, it stinks for the most part anyway so I hardly think anyone would sense it was me! 

Anyway my brazenness paid off! No leaks today mum!  


Sunday night, after 7 hours at the zoo was spent in exhausted euphoria. 

Sam and Milly went out for a quick curry and Chris and I baby sat Zak.  

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. That little boy is a dream. If I’d had one like him I reckon I’d still be having babies now...well if I had all my working lady parts I would - but you know what I mean!  

Thank you to Milly and Sam for being so generous with Zak. Living so far away really pains us. But moments like this are better than treasure. 


Then Monday lunch time they all headed off to visit my mum and dad on their way home and Chris and I decided to go buy some paint and paint the summer house... 

hahahahahah...well we needed some way of occupying ourselves....