They might not be my best friend...

I’ve had what seemed like a week long celebration of my 46th birthday, I mean it is a big one, the big FOUR SIX! 

I’ve been thoroughly spoilt, the finale of which being a trip to The Savoy to attend a brunch that the jewellers in there invited us to.  

Neither of us knew what to expect, other than food of course, we’re not completely daft. ;)  But the invite came out the blue and was totally unexpected, which made it feel extra special. 

We go to a lot of lovely functions through Chris’s work, but this was different, this was just a Chris and I thing. It felt really lovely and really special to just be invited, I was incredibly touched. 

It turned out to be a very relaxed, wonderful brunch. With no agenda, no sales pitching, just simply a chilled out and intimate look at all the pretty things. And look I did...I also tried on plenty too, would be rude not to seeing as I was there. I think I’m part magpie in my one point I could have given Mr. T a run for his money. Hahahahaha. 

We met some really lovely, interesting people, as the other invited guests were absolutely lovely, it felt so warm and friendly and the best part is we laughed so much my cheeks hurt...and there was Jam and scones!


Top from M&S, skirt from Silk Fred, Boots from Russell and Bromley, Bag from Goyard. 


I love this skirt, I bought it on a whim and a fancy last week. You might have seen in on your social media as well, I can’t imagine that they’re only targeting me, it’s been cropping up on my Facebook and Instagram every 5 seconds for weeks now, it’s like some sort of subliminal guerrilla marketing, but it works as I ended up buying it! ;) 

Wrap skirts and dresses can camouflage stomas very well, when I ordered the skirt I had assumed that the ruffled part would be over my stoma, but it was actually the flat part that was on my stoma. Therefore I had concerns that it wouldn’t be any good for me.  

I tried it on as soon as it arrived, it was 2 days late so I was a bit keen by the time I received it. It looked fine with an clean, empty bag on but that’s not really a test of anything. 

With a clean and empty bag I’m the same as anyone unbagged. The real test of any clothing is to make sure you’ve tried it on with a full bag. 

If I see something in a shop, for example first thing in the morning when my bag is at its emptiest, and I think it might work for me, I’ll often buy it to try on at home later in the day with a full bag. Returning if it’s no good.  

No one wants a great outfit in the morning only to find you look like you’re smuggling marbles by 5 o/clock.  


Just me and my mister. :)  


The Savoy is always a pleasure, it’s always so pretty. I’ve never stayed at the hotel before, but one day, one day maybe, until then it’s still lovely to go for just a cuppa and a bit of people watching. 


As I said, I had no idea of what to expect, and therefore no idea of what to wear. But when I saw the Silk Fred skirt on every form of social media I use. I felt it was the sort of thing you can dress down with trainers and T for shopping, mid dress it up with a nice top and ankle boots for brunch or glam it up in the evening...that’s what the ad said anyway.....god I’m so easily lead! Hahahahaha 

All I really knew was it was going to be a long day, (we went straight to a sweet 16 party after brunch for our friends gorgeous daughter), I wanted to be stress free, by that I mean as potentially leak free as possible, I wanted to feel confident and comfortable. Tick, tick and tick!  

They do this skirt in a few more prints too so I might get another one, it felt really nice on (once I had unstatic-ed it) and I felt perfectly dressed for the occasion. If you feel good you walk that bit taller and my god I need all the help I can get in that department. Hahahahaha 

The only problem I had with it was it was very static-y, it kept sticking to my legs and shocking me.  

So I borrowed a few tumble dryer sheets from my friend Kim, rubbed them over the skirt, hey presto! Static gone!! 

(Little dressing tip; tumble dryer sheets have far more uses than just tumbling) 

The other problem was as it’s a wrap over skirt it blew open in any little gust of wind but when I was exiting the tube station, it’s like a wind tunnel and if you’re not quick enough everyone gets to see everything, just a bit of luck I had my all dressed up and somewhere to go knickers on! Lesson learnt for the journey back on the tube!! Hahahahaha  


Easily worn with trainers, sandals, stilettos or boots. 

I really couldn't recommend it more if I tried. Never having shopped with Silk Fred before I was a little nervous, but other than it arriving two days late it’s great.   


As clichéd as it may be, you know diamonds being a girl’s best friend and all.

I had the most wonderful day, dreaming of owning such beautiful jewels, it was an absolute pleasure, a girl can dream can’t she. Hahahahaha  

We really had a great time, even Chris, well, what wasn’t to love; sandwiches, cakes and me being mesmerised into silence...I’d say total heaven for him. Hahahahaha. Sending the hugest thank you to Tiggy at Boodles at The Savoy for inviting us!  

And as a wonderful juxtaposition to the incredible day Saturday....this is my Sunday... 

Heaven but in a very different way. xx