Quick pre-Halloween blog…

If my travel blogs weren’t enough I’m now doing my very best Martha Stewart impression. :)
Even though Halloween isn’t as big here as it is across the pond we do still play along.
I love to decorate my house this time of year. And I very much love to carve pumpkins with my boys…last year I had 7 twenty somethings in my kitchen creating and carving away.
Each year the pumpkin guts always go to waste, which seems ever such a shame. But I happened to see a post my niece Hana put on her Instagram in which she had made a cake from the stringy wasted guts of the pumpkins.
Well I was totally inspired after 20 odd years of throwing them away, maybe in America it’s a well known use of the wasted insides.
But here’s the recipe and instructions for a less wasteful Halloween;


We don’t usually use the cups measure here so that bit was a bit tricky but other than that this cake is dreamy!!


I’ve gone pared back and classy (well that’s the hope anyway) this year for Halloween decorations.
Now the boys are grown up I’m pretty much just doing it for me.


In the 13 years we’ve lived in this house we have never had a single trick or treater!
Ironically our road is a bit too spooky at night and with only 4 houses down here I doubt if the spooky/haul ratio is enough to bother. Hahahahaha

I buy the sweets for them anyway, Chris just eats them in the end. :)