The power of Pilates...

I’m finally feeling fit and well after being struck by yet more germs just after NYE, a lot of my paranoia about germs comes from the fact that I have a very low immune system and pick every bug going round up and although it’s a real pain, it is another reminder that I’m still here alive and kicking and for that I feel very lucky and grateful. 

Despite last week being another snotty one I managed to get plenty done. Getting those pesky indoor jobs done and dusted for the year ahead. 

I bumped into someone Wednesday evening and they said “oooh, you look nice where are you off to?” 

I laughed, I hadn’t been out for a few days. I had to be honest “oh, ummmm, I’m just off to the doctors to get the first lot of holiday jabs done”  hahahahaha. To which I received a classic eye roll :) 

Well, I firmly believe you can feel better on the inside by changing the outside. I know that’s not what we’re meant to think. I’m not saying what’s inside doesn’t matter, of course it does, but if you look good you feel good. 

When I went through chemo all those years ago, I didn’t want to be pitied, is there anything worse, although that said, I’m a terrible hypocrite as when someone is diagnosed I go straight into the head tilt you poor thing mode.  

But I didn’t want or need it, so as I was going through treatment I just put more and more foundation on to cover up the black circles and sallow spotty skin. Plus I was lucky (of sorts) because prior to my diagnosis Sam had been diagnosed (obviously horrific to have a child diagnosed with cancer, but I was able to use info given to him) and his oncologist made it very clear when Sam was in treatment it was no time to adopt fad diets. He spelt it out in big bold letters, when your body is being bombarded with toxic chemicals and radiation you NEED fat and calories, you need to fight back and keep your strength up, so become an organic non binary macrobiotic paleo vegan once you’re in remission but in treatment eat fat and calories.

Which truly served him well and then later me well. There’s much less medically given advice like that to adults in treatment. So when anyone is diagnosed I mention it. Not in a ‘you must’ type way, goodness you get enough of that spewed at you, I just pass this food info along. I know people mean well, and they care and are trying to help but it isn’t as helpful as you think to bombard people with “helpful ideas and “cures”. There isn’t anything you must do but take the treatment you’ve been assigned and get through it anyway you can. 

I managed to gain weight during my radiotherapy and chemo ;) Which is fairly unusual but was a bit of luck because I needed every ounce of strength to get through the op. 

I have only recently been told some of the details of my op, I hadn’t thought to ask before, I had single mindedly focused on getting well, I didn’t want any distractions. Bit of luck really because I was quite shocked about some of it, I think if I had known it back then I’d have felt a lot worse.  

But I’m happy to say the world is back in balance, I’m fit and healthy and Chris, my darling husband has donated enough blood to cover what Sam and I “borrowed”. 

It’s impressive what our bodies can withstand. We are both fragile and so tough. I have a few readers than have been very poorly lately and what they have gone through would make you’re hair curl, but they’re back or at least very much on their way and I think they are incredible! keep up the good work!  xxx


My vaccination outfit, I just don’t know why clothes stores don’t have a specific department for this....Holiday wear, Work wear, Vaccination wear....hahahahaha. Top from Ralph Lauren, Poncho from No.27 in Colchester, Leggings from Next, Boots from Russell and Bromley.  

We did go out for dinner after so it wasn’t a complete waste of make up and clothing.  

If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to have vaccinations when you’re feeling ill, it depends - if you have a fever - no, it’s not a good plan. I didn’t have a high temp, just a normal run of the mill cold, and I felt that it would be a waste of time to wait till I felt better to have jabs that make you feel rough. Might as well get it all over and done with in one go. ;) 

It was fine, let’s hope this week goes ok, it’s Rabies, Cholera, Rotavirus and Japanese encephalitis this time. Literally have my fingers crossed as I type hahahahaha.  

I really need to make it very clear that I don’t go round dolled up all the time, I couldn’t, for a start I’m far too lazy, but also sometimes my stoma just needs some free play. No restrictions, no tight clothing. 

Otherwise it would end up backing up and being very uncomfortable. Skinny jeans are great but they do not allow for free flowing poo.  

So let’s skip forward to Saturday where I was pottering around the house doing chores, getting stuff done. In a rather fetching baggy hoodie and track suit bottoms creation (the thin T shirt material sort of trackies, rather than the chunky thick ones). Anyway, I suggested that we pop to Costco and Ikea and invited Ben and his girlfriend Kaitlyn along. 

It was only while we were down there that someone suggested we stay in Lakeside for dinner, I didn’t think anything of it till it was pointed out that this particular chain of restaurants thinks itself quite fancy, which translates into no track suits or vest tops (I’m assuming that bit is for men because women look perfectly fine and dolled up in vest tops). 

I had a frantic panic to be suitably attired enough to eat average food, served by eager but averagely trained wait staff, in a very average restaurant chain. I wouldn’t mind but a gentleman came in in the most shocking baggy camouflage trousers in all kinds of shades of pinks to browns and he wasn’t turned away. 

Believe it or not I have seen people turned away there for the tracksuit bottoms crime, in fact Ben was himself turned away a couple of weeks ago.  

I found the perfect dress in Primark, good old Primani never lets you down, and a navy blue vest top from M&S. Ironically I kept my tracky bottoms on...what!? It was a chilly evening and I felt I’d made enough effort with my lovely new dress.  :) 


Dress from Primark, Vest from M&S, Jogging bottoms from Next, Shoes from Yeezy. 

The dress will come in very handy for our holiday next month. So nothing’s ever wasted.  

Sunday was an early start, we had arranged to meet Sam and Milly at a zoo not far from them. But about 2 hours from here. Thankfully Sunday traffic is a joy and seeing my boy is even more of a joy! Was great catching up with them both.


Coat from Belstaff, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Dubarry


Marwell is a fantastic zoo, Chris and I had never been before but it was so much fun. Made all the more entertaining by Milly’s niece who joined us for the day with her mum, dad and baby brother. I’ve never met such an intelligent 3 year old before. She was adorable and hilarious. 

She cracked me up, we were by the leopard enclosure and I jokingly said that she was a very well dressed leopard as animal print is so in fashion right now.  

Only for her a few minutes later, having given it some thought go up to Chris and state with knowledge and confidence “Chris, animal print is soooooo in fashion right now!” 

I love this kid! Hahahahaha  


The zoo was lovely. I look forward to going back.  

Today I returned to Pilates. I’m not a total newbie to Pilates, I started in the middle of last year, but I haven’t been since November. 

I’m continuing my New Years resolution to be the same old me and not change (I know I picked a really easy one, it’s as if I don’t have to work at it at all! Hahahahaha) I’m just back to Pilates after an extended break for viruses, Christmas and colds.

If you’ve never tried Pilates I can’t recommend it enough. Am I expecting huge results and to look like a super model?...errr, nope I think that ship sailed the moment I was born. But do I want to become and remain flexible and as fit as possible for as long as possible?....helllllll yes!

Do I look physically fit? Well if I do it’s because I get my photos taken and the right angles because fit I am not!  

But I feel it’s important to try, remember I’m going to be a grandma next month and if I don’t get this bum into gear I’m going to look like old mother Hubbard in no time.  

I’m not going to be heading for a yoga retreat and living on Mung beans any time soon....or ever come to that but I am going to try and be more active.  

Pilates is extremely good for toning and strengthening without the strains and injury that I found I got with yoga. I enjoyed yoga, I especially loved the relaxation bit at the end, but it really upset my back, and I do what I can not to anger it.

 Don’t be put off by the idea of all the gym bunnies and body beautiful people, Pilates is really for everyone. 

I did have a few moments of discomfort in class today but then it’s my first day back in weeks so I expected that. But I feel so much better for it. It leaves you feeling energised. I get so much done on the afternoon after class. :) 

If nothing else it makes you hold yourself better and breath your belly in. God knows I need all the help I can get with that. :)  


Choose a comfy outfit, it doesn’t have to be gym wear, just comfy and soft enough to bend in.  


I truly believe that keeping supple and flexible into old age is the key to living a long, happy and comfortable life, so my advice start now and you’ll be ahead of the game, but if you are older it’s never too late. 

There were women in my class today a good 20,  even 30 years older and far more bendy than me, they are my incentive and inspiration. 

I have a fantastic Pilates instructor, I wish you could all come to Yolande’s class it’d do you the world of good. But you should be able to find one in your local area.  

The most important thing to remember is to listen to your body during class, if my hernia says no to a move then it’s a no from me. There aren’t any prizes for best moves so do what you can when you can. It will all help.  

Pooping in a bag does have some disadvantages in life but it’s not a disability, I and anyone else with one can do what ever they choose to do. I’ve yet to find a limitation. I mean I have loads personally, I can’t ski or or surf, but that’s more to do with being rubbish at most sports. It’s certainly not bag related.  

If I could stand on a pair of skis long enough to be taught how to get down a mountainside that’d be great, so far though I’ve spent an extraordinarily long time laying on snow with skis on.  

Having a bag should open up the world to you again after being restricted by toilet needs, I know it has for me.  

You just have to be bold and go for it. xxx