Be kind ALWAYS....

Can I just begin my blog this week with a comment on this tragedy. Last week, I like many others around the world was devastated by the tragic suicide of a 10 year old boy. A boy who by his very existence was the definition of a fighter and who should have lived a long and happy life. 

Having been born with a serious bowel issue he endured countless surgeries. 

I read a recent article on OstomyConnection (extracts below).  If you haven’t visited OC yet you really should, it’s a great resource for ostomites. 


The thought that there are young children out there making racial slurs sickens me to start with, what sort of animal brings their child up to still hate, based on colour, or for that matter hate at all?

Tragically he was suffering some traumatic effects of having a colostomy reversal.  

I can’t even imagine how dreadful that must have been, we all know kids can be cruel, it doesn’t take much for nasty ones to find an in.  


Poor Seven was expected to attend school whilst suffering from fecal incontinence due to his colostomy reversal. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for him, I know I wouldn’t have coped with it and I’m a fully grown adult, you know you wouldn’t either, and you certainly wouldn’t have wanted your child to have to go through it, add to that he was getting harassed because of it, just imagine how isolated that poor little boy felt. He was only a baby, 10 years old and he was so desperately sad he killed himself, reading about him left me broken. 

If we can do one thing in Seven’s memory let it be that we teach our children to empathise rather than victimise. Walk a mile in my shoes springs to mind. Just think what life was like for him. Be kind always. 

When my son Sam was being treated for cancer he had home schooling for free due to not being able to attend class in school. I wonder if there is any service like this in America to save other children going through what Seven went through? 

Not that I think he should have hidden away, he was a young child that deserved compassion and understanding, but for his confidence and self worth it could have helped while his reversal bedded in.

I felt compelled to do something in his honour, so my mum and I donated to an American stoma supplies charity called Kindred Box in Seven’s memory. 

I send my condolences to Seven’s family. His loss has touched the world and hopefully it will become a little kinder because of him. xxx  


Find Ostomy Connection and Kindred Box on Facebook.  


My weekend was quiet but perfectly formed, on Friday night Ben had some friends over and we all had a games night, which was great fun. Saturday we did very little. 


Top from The White Company, Leggings from Next. 

My outfit for Saturday was basically dictated by what I ate the night before. 

I made my extremely delicious Vegan Chilli Sin Carne Friday night. Jam packed it is with pulses and beans. Fantastic for ones digestive tract, not so great it you want to wear clothes the next day though. I managed to increase output 10 fold (not actually an accurate equation of course....I have dyscaculia and wouldn’t know what 10 fold was if it bit me on the bum, but it sounds good for dramatic flare). 

These Leggings from Next look good and feel good, and they’re not too bad for free flow of waste.  

The weight of the bag I was carrying round was like I was training for some sort of ultra marathon. No need to add ankle or wrist weights I’ve got my extra lbs stuck to my abdomen hahahahaha.  

Once home I put on a pair of Pyjama bottoms. Which was absolute heaven. Listen to your body but also listen to your bag, change it when necessary and cater for it with the right clothes. 

It was my frequent need to change my bag last week too that got me thinking about the effect the Brexit (I want to say ‘extravaganza’ but I believe ‘debacle’ is a better fit) will have on my supply of stoma products.  

I made a few calls and after some really really unhelpful interactions and a hilarious one where I think the woman thought I wanted her take on how Brexit will pan out! Hahahahaha, I finally struck gold and contacted my bag manufacturer direct.  


Their response came back within about an hour and has given me some comfort to know it’s already being handled their end.  

I now feel reassured but at the same time I will try to conserve bags as much as possible so I know I definitely won’t be reduced to duct taping carrier bags to my belly.  


I’d be a nightmare doomsday prepper, all I have done is fill my cupboards with my favourite childhood dessert and a convertible car for my Sylvanian Families. I wouldn’t bother breaking in here come the zombie apocalypse. Hahahahaha. 


If you have never had the pleasure of tinned peaches and evaporated milk I’m so sorry for you. But more for me as I’ve managed to plough through this lot already! Hahahahaha  


Well if the day comes and all the shop’s shelves are bare at least we’ll have something to play with. Hahahahaha.  

Sunday was spent with some of my favourite people on the planet for Sunday lunch and a catch up. 

For reasons that are not clear to me I decided to wear some new trousers, as I’ve always stated trialling anything new at home first is a must. I bought these trousers ages ago in Next but hadn’t worn them, they still had the label attached, I think I’m becoming one of those hoarders. Hahahahaha  


The trousers were great, to a point, they felt nice and Chris said they looked great but I had had the left over Chilli Sin Carne on Saturday night, I might have been pushing my luck eating it two nights in a row.  

Everthing was fine until it came to eating lunch. Oh my Lordy, putting more food in pushes existing food out. I had to pull my waistband below my bag, even with that effort the bag was struggling to contain everything it needed to.  

Not to worry, it’s not like my Vegatarian roast dinner piled high with fibrous veg with extra sweet potato will cause any extra problems. Hahahahaha (insert eye roll here).  


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Trousers from Next, Shoes from Tods.


Sunday’s are best spent with the best people. Stephen and I have been friends since he was born  1 month after me and Jacqueline his gorgeous wife     and their boys are great fun and we adore time with them. 

Literally full to the brim I changed into track suit bottoms. But even so my bag managed to pancake. Not ideal but like I said testing new clothes at home first pays off. I now know they are not trousers to eat in!

Monday night was very very special! 

You know I’m not one for the theatre and shows, I’m dead inside and it has to be something really spectacular to melt even a tiny fraction of my ice cold heart.  

But I actually asked to go to see this show!! Yes! ME!! 

It was the opening night of - Dolly Parton presents 9 to 5!!  


Dolly is my idol, along with Marilyn Monroe, Marie Curie, Angela Landsbury, Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and of course Dick Van Dyke. 

Dolly got me through some of my toughest times as a teenager, the woman has to be the best song writer of all time surely! 

There is talk of a sequel to the film 9 to 5!!!!! Oh calm yourself Suzanne!! hahahahaha 

I know Jane and Lily are a bit busy with Grace and Frankie (fantastic show by the way) but surely they could spare the time, pleeeeease.  


We had dinner at The Savoy, which is always a great pre theatre treat.  


Dress from Belstaff, Tights from Tesco, Ankle Boots from Russell and Bromley, Bag from Chanel 


You don’t have to go dressy for the theatre these days but as I was still struggling with output it just seemed a sensible choice. 


We had such a fantastic meal, I love nights out with Mr.D, he makes me laugh till my face hurts. 

Then it was time for the show, I have to be honest I was absolutely terrified that I’d hate it, sometimes (a lot of the time) in shows I find it’s like scratching your finger nails down a chalk board. :0

I needn't have fretted, it was hands down the best show I’ve ever seen!!! Baring in mind this was opening night there were only a couple of little hiccups, tiny ones at that.   

If you love shows, if you loved 9-5 the film and of course if you LOVE Dolly Parton as I do this show is a must!! But hurry, it’s only on for a limited run.  


To prove to you how good it was I not only stood for the standing O, I actually had a little dance and clap along too! Yes!! I know!! Me?!