Birthday’s and bowel prep...

What a week that was. It started merrily with a birthday meal out for our darling friend Jasper. 

His wife chose a fantastic restaurant in Colchester called Grain, although tricky to find it was well worth the hunt.  

It’s a small plates concept. Not quite tapas small but you have small portions and you choose as many as you like. The ladies in our party opted for two, while me, greedy pig that I am opted for 3 plus dessert, followed by cheese. I mean the portions were small and my tummy is big.  

The food was amazing. It was a great laugh too.  

I chose this outfit for two reasons, 1, a dress is the far more sensible option when you have a colostomy when it comes to eating out, or just eating come to that. And 2, I love these shoes and rarely remember to wear them. They’re a tricky one as orange isn’t a universal colour like black or nude. 

Dress from Mulberry, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from Tory Burch. 

Dress from Mulberry, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag from Tory Burch. 

Clearly I wasn’t the only one in an orange mood because I happened to see Victoria Beckhams instagram the following day and she had paired orange shoes with a green dress. 

Not sure where she was off to but I think we can all agree she wouldn’t have had 5 plates of food. Hahahahaha  


Then the weekend brought a flurry of activity! 

You may have caught the occasional photo I post on social media of my friend Kim’s twins...a few being hundreds. I adore them they are so special and gorgeous.  

Well the twins turned ONE on Saturday! I can’t believe where the time has gone. 


Top From Choice, Jeans Joni’s from Topshop, Shoes from Yeezy’s. 

I wanted to be casual and comfy and this outfit fitted the bill to perfection.  


My baby Ben came to the party too. I think he enjoyed himself. Hahahahahah 


 ...what’s not to love at a one year olds party! Hahahahaha 


It was a fabulous party, Kim excelled herself! ;)  



It really was lovely and the girls loved it. 


They are the sweetest little things. 

And then Sunday we were off to a wedding. Although the weather forecast had been grim for the whole weekend they couldn’t have been more wrong. Both days were beautiful and sunny. 

Which does rather make choosing outfits so much easier, for anyone living in a glorious year round climate you have no idea of the struggles we have here daily! 3 different weathers a day everyday, I get so confused as to which one of the 3 to dress for! Hahahahaha  


Dress from Ralph Lauren, Shoes from Chanel, Bag from Dior, Hat from Phase Eight.  


With the most glorious mother of the bride I have ever seen!! My friend Cheryl rocked her look! And her daughter put on one of the most beautiful, relaxed and special weddings I have had the privilege of attending. My personal favourite part was when Cheryl had a very special role to play (unlike most mother of the brides who have to sit at the front of the venue twiddling their thumbs alone while the father of the bride gets a starring role) Cheryl walked Wendy down the isle. (Wendy is the brides Shetland pony, who wore a beautiful garland of flowers, hilarious and adorable!) 


Cheryl is a very dear friend to me, we have a shared experience. Cheryl was in the bed next to me when we were in hospital for bowel cancer. We have both followed a similar path back to good health. Albeit C had a rocky start with complications of her temporary ileostomy in the beginning. We are both well now. 8 years on. Fingers crossed forever. 

On that note I am currently writing this blog whilst I sit in Springfield hospital waiting for my colonoscopy. The prep was grim but a million times better than it used to be. They changed the bowel prep from Picolax to Moviprep and although not fun it wasn’t as awful as it used to be.  


 ...and if you present it nicely it certainly helps it down a little...Moviprep Margarita’s anyone? ;) 

 Dress from Tory Burch, Shoes from Hermes. 


No need to be glum 

when the doctor checks up your.... stoma in my case! Hahahahaha  

A colonoscopy is not something to be feared. It’s not nice but certainly protects you from further harm. If only I had had one when I was first suffering symptoms way back when!  




Quick update; 

I passed my colonoscopy with flying colours! No more check ups for 5 years now! So so happy. :) 



* If you do get Picolax I suggest coating your sensitive skin in that area with Vaseline. Protect it from the harshness of the expelling waste. Do it before any action starts and you should be fine. Xx