Road trip part deux...

We began our road trip in San Francisco, a city of wonder but not great weather, Mark Twain once remarked that the coldest winter he ever spent was summer in San Francisco. With that in mind we were actually incredibly lucky with our April weather. Plus we packed clothing for every season. 

We journeyed south hitting Carmel and then the sunnier climes of Beverly Hills. 

Although I packed swim wear I wasn’t feeling as body confident in LA as I do when I’m all alone on the roof terrace of my house in Spain, it had nothing to do with having a colostomy bag either. 

I don’t have a Hollywood body, even though I lost 16lb before I came here I’d still need to lose about 28 more, Plus in LA I lack a certain something, a shit ton of plastic mainly. The ONLY thing plastic on me is my colostomy bag. Not that I have anything against self improvement, it’s not like I don’t need it myself...I just wouldn’t know where to begin and there certainly wouldn’t be an end! Hahahahahahaha.


I played it safe pool side.  

Top from Topshop, Shorts from Next, Shoes from Manolo Blahnik.  

We headed further south to Laguna beach for one night and then on to Anaheim for the original Disneyland.  

Disney is a dream, you can’t fail to have fun...well apart from when your husband and kids assure you Goofey’s flight school ride will be suitable for you as a nearly 45 year old woman...but knowing full well I don’t do rollercoasters!!  

Ben says it was one of the best rides he’s had there as I screamed blue murder the entire way round at one point apparently I screamed “you’ve ruined my life!!!!” Followed by some obscenities that I won’t go into on here. I’m not built for speed, I find life white knuckle enough without adding to it. :)

It’s a child’s ride, they pretty much all are in Anaheim.  

Anyway I didn’t let the near heart attack on that ride to put me off trying some others. There are some incredible rides. Not scary but exciting, fun and incredibly cleverly done.  


My first time in Main Street USA actually in the USA!! We’ve been to Disneyland Paris 9 times but this is our first experience in America.  


Bag from Primark. I thought I was fully getting into the spirit of things with this cute bag, but not so, in America people go all out, entire families, sometimes 10 or more people dressed in identical Disney T shirts and full grown adults dressed up in Disney costumes left my little bag in the shade.  Hahahahahah  


Ben and Chris indulged in the giant turkey legs, I opted out and had a slab of pineapple. I thought it was the wisest choice. On road trips a lot of what you are eating is on the go, I haven’t been getting enough fruit and veg in. Which if I did that for too long I’d end up with terrible bowel problems. Not a good idea for me. So far I’ve managed to avoid too much belly pain. 


Top from Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Ferragamo.  

When you stay at a Disney hotel you get early access to the park, an hour early in Paris, 2 Hours early in Anaheim! It’s absolute heaven.  


Top from Tory Burch, shorts from Next. I can’t recommend these shorts enough, seriously, they are so comfortable and stretchy enough to *prevent leaks (*so far I’ve worn 2 pairs with no leaking or pancaking). (Next, soft touch shorts £22)

Plus I believe they look great too. Usually to make allowances for poo room I have to get a larger size and therefore they tend to be very baggy waist band. But these shorts hug you but don’t compress my stoma.  


Disneyland is just such a great place, indeed the happiest place on earth...even for big kids. 


Breakfast at Goofy’s kitchen was fantastic.  


We even managed to stay up for the light show parade and the fireworks! We’re all still struggling with jet lag, but we managed to wait round without falling asleep on our feet. :)  


Gilet (padded vest) from Moncler, Hoodie from Hollister, Jeans from Topshop.  

From Anaheim we headed to Las Vegas for our final destination...


There’s a whole lot of not much out there in between but it’s a great drive. You can’t fully appreciate the vastness of this country until you’ve driven for miles not seeing anything for a lonnnnnnng time. 


...and then you happen across this mirage in the middle of a desert and you spot your hotel for the first time. the Encore, home sweet home for 6 days.  



I’ve never had any particular desire to come to Las Vegas, it’s not been on my to do list but we wanted our final stop to be sunny and warm.  

Everything in Vegas is huge and in glorious technicolour! It’s an incredible sight.  


Vegas has it all...usually shinier, bolder and bigger than you could possibly ever dream of. 

Just a short ride on a gondola and you’re right in the middle of St. Mark’s Square, Venice. It’s hilarious. It’s a place of pure hedonism and no limits. It’s Disneyland on speed.  



The Buffet in the Wynn, there’s nothing subtle in Vegas, the floral displays are mind boggling, and as if that wasn’t enough the actual buffet is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. You could spend a good couple of hours ploughing through it but you wouldn’t have tried even a fraction of what’s on offer...believe me, I gave it a bloody good try. 



Top From Gant, Shorts from Next, Shoes - Yeezy’s. Ben and I got matching shoes, he doesn’t even like matching clothes to Chris like Sam does but he was cool with me buying matching ones to his trainers (running shoes). I feel very honoured. Hahahahaha. 


Although I don’t drink, smoke, gamble...or indeed indulge in any “Vegas pursuits” I did join the boys for a trip to TopGolf. It was really good fun and for a very short time I was winning, didn’t last long but doesn’t that just sum up Vegas in general. Hahahahaha. ;) 



No trip to Vegas is complete without a trip to the The Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam or The Joshua Tree National Park. For me the absolute highlight of this final destination has to be The Grand Canyon. I even managed The Sky Walk, a suspended glass walk way over three thousand feet above the river below. 


I wouldn’t say I was “brave”, I clung on for dear life, like that would help if it collapsed hahahahaha. Ben very much enjoys my terror, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with that kid! you can see he doesn’t get anything from me, not looks, height or courage or rather my lack there of. Hahahahaha I had to look away. But according to Hualapai tribe everyone is protected from falling by the eagle in the rock....which is a bit of luck as they don’t believe in safety barriers or railings. :) 


The Eagle  



The hoover Dam is actually very beautiful, it’s Art Deco in design and unimaginably incredible to have been built in the 30’s, plus it was brought in under budget and ahead of schedule. 


We had such an amazing guide, he was so informative about the botany, geology and anthropology of the area. It was part tour, part university course, for example did you know that The Strip is in Paradise, Nevada, not Las Vegas. 

....And if you’re wondering how an utter feeble natured coward makes it all the way to the Grand Canyon....


...well you didn’t think I’d fly did you!?! Hahahahaha classy as ever! 



Top From Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Jimmy Choo. 

Back to the hotel for dinner and shopping. The shops here are incredible, but you do have to go online and see what’s cheaper here and what’s not. Well you do if you want to get the best price...and I really really do.  :) 


I believe this dress is classified as camouflage in Vegas! Hahahahaha  


Dress from TK (TJ) Maxx, Shoes from Tory Burch. 


Swim Suit from Tu at Sainsbury’s. 

Feeling more emboldened in Vegas than I was at the Beverly Wilshire I went full bikini mode, there’s all shapes and sizes,  believe me, my bag is not anywhere near the most unsightly thing here. ;) 

My great find last year were these amazing sun creams from Ultrasun. Day long protection, no burning, no reapplying and dry feel. 


Today I’m using the Glimmer version, it’s perfect for here. It gives you great sun protection with a shimmery sparkle, I look like one of the vampire’s from the Twighlight movies hahahahaha...and no I’m not being sponsored by ultrasun in anyway. Just passing on a good find.

I love the added dimension the glittery sun cream gives.  


This entire trip trip has been a dream come true. I can’t even put into words how amazing it’s been. 

There are places I’d love to go back to, there are places I’m glad I’ve been but wouldn’t return to. But every single day has been an incredible experience. Mind fully blown, I’ll be sad to come crashing back down to earth come Tuesday. 

There will never be a shortage of things to do in Las Vegas, and you will never ever run out of places to eat. From the finest of fine dining to burgers and fries and everything in between. 

Dress from Belstaff, Shoes from Christian Dior. 

Dress from Belstaff, Shoes from Christian Dior. 


Dress from Reiss, Shoes from Jimmy Choo. 

Top from Reiss, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tory Burch. 

Top from Reiss, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tory Burch. 

You will never run out of dining options, you may run out of space to put all the food in though. I will be returning home on Tuesday a whole lot more supersized! :) 


*Just as a foot note I saw this on a fellow colostomy wearers insta today and it struck me very true. 


Does anything about me, my life or my colostomy strike you as “the worst case scenario”?!?!  

For me my stoma has given me back everything cancer tried to take away. It isn’t the worst of anything, to me it’s the best!