The no blog blog.

No blog this week, I’ve been taken down for the last 7 days with a rotten virus.  

I’ve had to cancel some important plans, some fun plans, and I was unable to assist our son move into his new home. I have just been a useless snot filled lump. 

I feel a bit miffed as I had a flu jab and yet I ended up this ill. Although this wasn’t flu to be fair, it was a nasty virus though. I’ve been through 3 beds so far, drenching them too much to continue to sleeping in. (With sweat, just to clarify).

I feel a bit ashamed, I’ve felt so ill I’ve cried a lot which seems shameful when I have friends on chemo and worse.

I’ve been a rotten mess, but all good now. 

I still advocate flu jabs. But also the wearing of hermetically sealed space suits to go out in public in. Hahahahaha 

I’m on the mend now, so no need for tea and sympathy, I’m fine. I even went into the outside world today and bought a Christmas tree.

It’s snots and sneezes season, stay safe, keep well. 

And most importantly, good luck!